Founding President Dr. William T. Newnham led Seneca from 1966 to 1984, creating what would become one of the largest colleges in Canada. As we celebrate 50 years of achievement, current President David Agnew delivers words inspired by Dr. Newnham, just as relevant to our students and alumni today as they were then.


Seneca is celebrating its golden anniversary — marking 50 years of student success.

The Seneca of today was a long time coming. When Seneca first opened its doors in 1967, classes were offered at a number of sites, including a former Woolworth store and a renovated factory. A lot has changed.

The Seneca of today has…

  • 10 campuses across Toronto, York Region and Peterborough.
  • More than 4,400 faculty and staff.
  • 28,000 full-time students from 140 countries.
  • 70,000 part-time registrants.
  • More than 180,000 graduates and alumni.

As we celebrate 50 years, we will honour not only the achievements of our alumni, but also the accomplishments of our talented and innovative faculty and staff through a series of events across our community.

Check back often for updates on the plans for Seneca’s 50th anniversary celebrations. Look out for an updated events calendar and archived historical content being unveiled in honour of this special occasion.

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