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Built Environment & Transportation Sub-Committee

Goal: The goal of the Built Sub-Committee is to provide education, training and direction in the design and creation of accessible environments and transportation.

Co-Chairs: Senior Manager, Energy, Projects and Business Planning and Director, College Services

  • Manager, Health & Safety
  • Director, Campus Security
  • Residence Life CLC
  • Custodial Representative
  • Accessibility Services Representative
  • Seneca Student Federation Representative

Read more on AODA Standards on Built Environment and Transportation

  1. Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act – Design of Public Spaces Standard
  2. Seneca AODA Audit – King Campus (pdf)
  3. Seneca AODA Audit – Markham Campus (pdf)
  4. Seneca AODA Audit – Newnham Campus (pdf)
  5. Seneca AODA Audit – Seneca@York Campus (pdf)
  6. Recognizing Barriers
  7. Facility Design Standards (pdf)
  8. Design of Public Space – Integrated Standards
  9. Guide to Accessible Festivals and Outdoor Events (pdf)