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Committee Membership 2016–2017

Academic Planning and Student Affairs committee
  • Fariba Anderson
  • Janet Beed, Chair
  • Doug Brooks
  • Ahmed Chakera
  • Alice Keung
  • Mina Mawani
  • Vince Timpano
  • Karen Webb

Resource Staff: Laurel Schollen, Vice-President, Academic
Terms of Reference (PDF)

Finance and administration committee
  • Marc Caira
  • Lois Cormack
  • Shafiq Ebrahim
  • John Honderich
  • Warren Jestin, Chair
  • Naki Osutei
  • Mark Solomon
  • Belinda Tang

Resource Staff: Nevzat Gurmen, Vice-President, Finance and Administration; Treasurer
Terms of Reference (PDF)

Governance and Nominating Committee
  • David Agnew, President
  • Janet Beed, Vice-Chair
  • Donna Duncan, Chair
  • Warren Jestin, Vice-Chair

Resource Staff: Renata D’Innocenzo, Chief of Staff, President’s Office; Corporate Secretary
Terms of Reference (PDF)


Committee Meeting Dates 2016–2017