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Annual Report 2012–13

Message from the Board Chair and President

This year marked many firsts for us – our first-ever and highly successful student fundraising campaign, the launch of a new ERP system across the College and record enrolment.

Informed by months of consultations with our students, employees and external stakeholders, we also introduced our new Strategic and Academic plans. Our commitments to great teaching and learning, great student experiences and great foundations are all driven by our commitment to our students.

The exciting and innovative directions set out in these plans are being put into action across the College. From embedding a new set of core literacies in all of our programs to developing a new international education strategy to providing our students with integrated services to enhance their experience at Seneca, work is underway across all faculties and departments to deliver on our ambitious plans.

As part of an ongoing conversation with the provincial government about Seneca's role as a leading college in Ontario, the College published a Strategic Mandate Agreement articulating our mandate, vision and priority objectives. This document outlines how we will continue to be a leader in innovative programming, technology-enabled education, workplace-based learning opportunities and pathways to and from our partner postsecondary institutions.

Key to our ability to continue to offer high quality, career-relevant programs is the renewal and expansion of our infrastructure and facilities. Work is underway to support the revitalization and expansion of our King Campus and the construction of a new School of Aviation facility in Peterborough.

The accomplishments of this year and the groundwork for our way forward are achieved by the commitment of many.

We thank our partners in post-secondary education, government, industry and the community for their support and counsel.

We thank our committed faculty and staff who inspire our students and keep us closely linked to our communities and employers.

Finally, we thank our students. They contribute each day to making Seneca an exciting place to be. Whether they come from next door or around the world, they bring an irreplaceable energy and an incredible diversity to Seneca.

It's a great time to be at Seneca.

Bill Hogarth
Chair, Board of Governors

David Agnew

1. Creating a teaching and learning environment driven by core literacies, cross-disciplinary education, flexibility, collaboration and excellence.

Great Teaching and Learning

Initiatives for 2012-13 Performance indicators/ measurable outcomes Projected Status Update as of March 31, 2013
Finalize and begin rollout
to support the
implementation of the
new 2012-2017
Academic Plan.
New plan approved by the Board of Governors. Achieved: Academic Plan approved by Board of Governors in June 2012.
Consultations conducted with stakeholders on how to achieve goals outlined in the Academic Plan. In Progress: Task groups actively engaged in data collection, analysis, consultations, and identification of pilot projects. Ongoing into 2013-14.
Five year plan for implementation completed. Achieved: Draft of multi-year Academic Plan implementation strategy in place.
Use Quality Enhancement Funds to support academic plan initiatives related to cross-disciplinary and outreach activities. At least one new outreach initiative per Faculty developed and implemented to enhance networked learning. Achieved: Initiatives launched offering students cross-disciplinary learning opportunities launched in each faculty. Example: Faculty of Communication Arts and Design project focused on short story development and multi-media delivery.
Criteria defined and baseline inventory developed for cross-disciplinary learning. Mapping process established and begun. Achieved: Criteria for learning experiences have been defined. Survey of all programs conducted to identify gaps.
Build a strong digital library that supports the research behaviours and needs of students and faculty. Library resources in digital formats actively acquired that allow users access to content 24/7, simultaneously and remotely. Achieved: Reached annual target for electronic library resource acquisitions; electronic resources now outnumber print resources.
Comprehensive streaming video collection established. Achieved: 71% increase in streaming video collection since 2012-13.
Embedding of Seneca's 10 Core Literacies across all programs. Continued implementation of Language Across the Curriculum to support the development of written and oral communications skills. In Progress: Program has been fully implemented across King Campus programs. Embedded into several programs at other campuses. Expansion to additional programs ongoing into 2013-14.
Criteria defined and baseline inventory developed for Seneca Core Literacies. Mapping process established and begun. In Progress: Definitions completed and resources identified to evaluate learning levels. Ongoing into 2013-14.
Consultation and development of a Seneca Mathematics Strategy focused on quantitative literacy and informed by the College Mathematics Project outcomes. In Progress: Quantitative literacy task group established with work underway.
Map information literacy learning outcomes within research intensive programs to support the teaching and learning of essential employability and research skills. Achieved: Mapping of learning outcomes completed.
Develop and pilot methodologies to assess the information literacy skill development of degree students throughout their programs. In Progress: Background work completed. Seneca-specific survey mechanism for assessing information literacy skills of degree students to be developed in 2013-14.
Develop plans to support transition of aviationrelated programs with the announced closure of Buttonville Airport. Functional space programming completed for all aviation-related programs. Achieved: Functional space planning successfully completed.
New site secured for delivery of years 2, 3, and 4 of the Bachelor of Aviation Technology program. Achieved: New site at Peterborough Municipal Airport secured. Classes to commence in new facility in January 2014.
New facility's design finalized and academic/Human Resources transition plans developed. Achieved: Design plans finalized. Transition planning underway.
Implement new streamlined formative program review process. Formative program review pilot expanded in Spring 2012 to include five schools. Full implementation launched in 2012-13 academic year. In Progress: Final formative review template in final stage of development; will be ready for implementation in Fall 2013.
Advice on process and tools to support implementation provided by newly established Program Review Reference Group. Achieved: Advice and direction received and acted upon.
Support materials developed and distributed to faculty/chairs/deans. In Progress: New template with progress measurements aligned with Academic Plan completed. Additional materials to be developed in 2013-14.
Build on current partnerships with GTA universities. Increase in bilateral Seneca-York pathways to degrees and graduate certificates. In Progress: York and Seneca Strategic Mandate Agreements articulate vision of a new University of York-Seneca. York-Seneca partnership group established. Dedicated partnership manager hired.
New transfer opportunities with Greater Toronto Area universities and colleges created. Achieved: Comprehensive transfer agreement with University of Ontario Institute of Technology completed. Memorandum of Understanding signed with University of Toronto Scarborough for Seneca's Liberal Arts program. Work underway with Humber and Fleming as per Strategic Mandate Agreement.
Develop new programs
and renew degree
At least two new degrees submitted to Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board for approval. In Progress: Bachelor of Communication was approved by Board of Governors in May 2012. A proposed redesign has been investigated including positioning, curriculum focus and content. Bachelor of Public Safety in development.
At least two new degree areas identified with program development underway. In Progress: New approach to program development being implemented under guidance of the Vice President, Academic.
Bachelor of Aviation Technology and Bachelor of Software Development degree renewal documentation submitted to Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board. In Progress: Bachelor of Aviation Technology and Bachelor of Software Development degree renewal documentation submitted to Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board in Fall 2012. Site visits are anticipated for early-to-mid 2013.
At least four new graduate certificates proposal developed and submitted for Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities funding approval. In Progress: The following five new graduate certificates were developed and submitted to Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities including: Public Administration, Non-Profit Management and Leadership, Social Media, Documentary and Non-Fiction Media and Government Relations (approved in January 2013).
Help advance College University Consortium Council Phase III Projects and new Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer college-to-college initiative. Mid-point update on Phase III (Arts and Science electives) project completed and database of Liberal Studies courses created to provide better information to potential transfer students. Achieved: Multilateral discussions between 7 universities and 10 colleges held. 275 courses evaluated, for a total of almost 900 assigned and unassigned credits ready for inclusion in Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer database.
Ontario Council on Articulation and
Transfer deliverables in progress and
report submitted.
Rescheduled: Project timelines revisited and further opportunities explored.
Advance pathways research as part of College University Consortium Council/Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer project. Project deliverables in progress and report submitted. Rescheduled: Project unable to be completed according to original schedule. Ongoing into 2013-14.
Expand credit transfer to Seneca degrees. Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer deliverables related to the enhancement of Seneca degree pathways met. Achieved: Developed 10 pathways from diplomas/advanced diplomas to degrees as per Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer funding project. Developed bridging courses for these pathways as required.
At least two Seneca degree events held and diploma to degree promotion strategy finalized and implemented. Achieved: Fast-Track-to-Degree events held at multiple campuses during Fall 2012 and Winter 2013. Recruitment/Liaison participation on degree panels for high school students. Simplified form to facilitate the admissions process developed.
Targeted promotion of new Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies internally and at Greater Toronto Area colleges carried out. Achieved: Advertising plan implemented including print, email and institutional visits.
Expand pathway opportunities for direct entry students. Increased number of students and school partners in Dual Credit program. Achieved: Number of dual credit students increased by 20%.
Increase hybrid/online opportunities for students. 10 new courses developed in at least 3 new programs. Achieved: New course target exceeded with 20 new courses in development; 12 courses finalized for delivery in 2013-14. Significant number of hybrid learning workshops and one-on-one consultations held.
Create Seneca standards of practice for full and part-time faculty. Identify current standards of practice and use as a basis to create a new Seneca policy and standards in consultation with relevant stakeholders. Achieved: Interjursdictional research on standards of practice completed. Policy developed.
Report on methods, tools and metrics for faculty evaluation completed. Achieved: Research and report on faculty evaluation completed.
Develop new materials to support effective teaching and learning. New training plan highlighting best instructional practices for multiple modalities developed by Centre for Academic Excellence and the Library/ Learning Centre. Achieved: Multiple module hybrid learning program introduced in January 2013.
Strengthen Seneca's position as a leader in the area of pedagogical research. A minimum of two proposals in scholarship of teaching and learning developed. In Progress: Centre for Academic Excellence faculty involved in provincial and international project proposals. Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario studies co-authored by Seneca staff published.
Final College Choice Project report submitted to Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario. Rescheduled: Changes at participating institutions have resulted in amended project timeline.
Create foundation for enhanced approach to applied research. Completed Applied Research and Innovation operational review with recommendations for defining the role of the department and articulating multi-year objectives. Achieved: Applied Research and Innovation operational review completed and approved.
Internal communications strategy created to inform faculty and deans about research activities. Achieved: Internal communications strategy using new web-based promotional tools developed.
Actively facilitate, pursue, and source applied research initiatives for the mutual benefit of our curriculum, students, partners, and community. 18 new projects initiated and underway. Achieved: 21 new Applied Research Projects initiated and underway.
18 external partners identified and engaged with the college on an applied research project. Achieved: 31 external partners identified and engaged on applied research collaborations.
40 faculty or staff members engaged in an applied research project or activity. Achieved: More than 43 faculty/staff members engaged in applied research activities.
80 students engaged in an applied research project or activity. Achieved: More than 80 students engaged in applied research collaboration.
8 research grant proposals submitted. Achieved: 9 applied research grant proposals submitted to various funding agencies.
$1.5 million in grant monies secured. Achieved: More than $2.1 million in applied research grant funds secured (excluding partner contributions).
8 research-related events held across Seneca campuses. Achieved: 9 applied research-related events held.
Increase federal support for applied research in identified areas of expertise. Successful application to National Sciences and Engineering Research Council Industrial Research Chair competition. Achieved: Awarded National Sciences and Engineering Research Council Industrial Research Chair for Open Source Technology for Emerging Platforms.
Sufficient partners secured to ensure maximum funding for FedDev initiative. Achieved: 14 industry partners secured to ensure FedDev funding.
Increase industry awareness of Seneca's research program. External communications and marketing plan designed to inform industry about Seneca's capabilities and opportunities for collaboration. Achieved: Communications and Marketing Plan created.
Continue diversification of international recruitment by geographic region. New partnership agreements with international postsecondary institutions signed. Achieved: New partnerships established with international partners in Mexico, Argentina, and Panama.
Increase in recruitment efforts in diversified markets. In Progress: Increased international recruitment efforts underway. Seneca has one of the more balanced distributions for international intake amongst Ontario colleges.
Enhance quality assurance approaches within the International Department's activities. Implement framework for assessing the strategic value of Seneca's current and proposed international partnerships. In Progress: International Partnership template launched. Data collection underway.
Accreditation of English Languages Institute by Languages Canada achieved. Achieved: Languages Canada accreditation received.

2. Providing students at the centre of a strong community with access to pathways, relevant services, and that celebrates its achievements.

Great Student Experiences

Initiatives for 2012-13 Performance indicators/ measurable outcomes Projected Status Update as of March 31, 2013
Review Seneca's endowment and investment policies and practices to ensure sustainability and predictability of student support. Revised investment and disbursement policies approved and implemented. In Progress: Draft policies developed.
Ensure timely delivery of financial assistance to students. Working group with student representation established to review financial aid policies. Plan developed to streamline delivery of assistance. In Progress: Working group established and policies under review.
Continue analysis of factors affecting completion rates and satisfaction-related Key Performance Indicators. Report on students entering Seneca with previous university experience completed and data baseline developed. Achieved: Report completed and baseline data confirmed.
Early warning system for students in academic distress pilot completed. Fall 2012 semester results evaluated. Rescheduled: Pilot extended into 2013-14.
At least 200 staff trained on enhanced supports/approach for First Generation students. Not Achieved: Change in direction for staff training occurred.
College University Consortium Council-approved transfer research project completed in summer 2012. Rescheduled: Project timelines revisited and further opportunities explored.
Provide meaningful orientation supports for students. Orientation practices across all campuses reviewed with aim of ensuring common, meaningful orientation experience. Standardized approach developed in consultation with Dean of Students, Events Team and the Seneca Student Federation. Achieved: Improved orientation events held across all campuses reflecting a coordinated, cross-college approach. More program changes planned to include greater participation by individual schools.
Increase mentoring opportunities for students and alumni. Online mentoring portal to connect students and alumni created and promoted. Achieved: Online mentoring program developed, promoted and launched. 596 alumni, current students and employees are members as of March 2013.
Move forward with the integration of student services. Completion of operational planning supporting the achievement of 2012- 17 Strategic Plan's priority areas. In Progress: Operational planning is ongoing due to staffing changes.
Expansion of student success programs across all Seneca campuses. Achieved: Increased Student Success initiatives launched at all campuses, including workshops and pre-advisement services through the Foundations for Success program.
New student services centre launched for Fall 2012 to deliver "first stop shopping" for students with multiple student services relocated and clustered in renovated space at Newnham. Achieved: New Student Services centre launched in May 2012. More students now utilizing services colocated in one area at the Newnham Campus. In Fall 2012, more than 1,000 students attended one-on-one service appointments and workshops in the renovated space.
Review approach to student health, counseling and disability services. Evaluation completed and new service delivery model for student health, counseling and disability services created based on best practices. In Progress: New service delivery model developed for the disability services including standards of operating practice. Student health and counseling services model evaluation delayed due to staffing changes.
Create new Student Life facilities in alignment with Seneca's Campus Master Plans. Functional space program created for King build based on consultations with the Seneca Student Federation and Seneca Athletic Association. Design consultations held. Newnham Student Build plans advanced. Achieved: King Campus functional space program and blocking and stacking completed.
Enhance technology across Seneca campuses. Wireless upgrades completed for 4 main campuses. Consultations held with the Seneca Student Federation and Centre for Academic Excellence to identify potential wireless access improvements. Achieved: Number of users accessing wireless doubled. Significant decrease in wirelessrelated issues reported.
New student email system implemented (Microsoft Office 365 for Education). Achieved: New email and instant message system, including online file storage, and web-based access for students successfully launched.
Virtual desktop and virtual application pilot project initiated in collaboration with Seneca Student Federation and Centre for Academic Excellence. In Progress: Work continues on virtual desktop delivery across College systems. Ongoing into 2013-2014.
Seneca Mobile application for students released. Achieved: A Seneca app for iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones was launched in May 2012.
Increase functionality of One Card system for students and employees. Move to 'cashless' option for photocopying, food services, bookstore and vending machines achieved. In Progress: Revamped OneCard system introduced. Expansion of use to campus bookstores and food services ongoing into 2013-14.
Improve transitions and supports for international students 10 per cent of international students to participate in 'Cultural Orientation for Academic Success' program. In Progress: Metrics currently being collected to evaluate program success.
Participate in the international student barometer survey. Identify areas for improvement based on survey results and create actions plans to address issues raised. In Progress: Survey participation underway.
Online Student Mentoring in Life and Education program for international students piloted. In Progress: Web-based Student Mentoring in Life and Education program helped to share student services information to international students. 5 international mentors and 6 mentees involved in the pilot with students benefiting from telephone, inperson and email interactions.
Implement systematic approach to promoting Seneca's successes Review of internal and external communication strategies and materials completed. Achieved: Comprehensive external review of marketing and communications strategies and materials completed.
Social media activities embedded in all communication strategies. In Progress: Social media strategy terms of reference developed with strategy to be completed in 2013-14.
Review positioning of Seneca's brand and ensure alignment with 2012-17 Strategic Plan. Advertising agency selected and new campaign developed and launched. In Progress: Advertising agency secured and creative process underway.
Redevelopment of Seneca website based on completed web audit and additional stakeholder feedback. Achieved: New website template created, tested and launched.
Promote our faculty, alumni and partners' contributions. At least one academic event held per term featuring activities/work/research of Seneca staff and at least one involving external participants. Achieved: More than 40 divisional events held with support of advancement.
New alumni advisory group launched. Divisional alumni events held as part of the Pillar Sponsorship program. In Progress: Alumni Council mandate and terms of reference approved; recruitment strategies developed and launched. Formal Alumni Council launch event to be held in Fall 2013.
Leverage technological capacity to reach out more effectively to our communities. Mobile application platform to promote services and disseminate information to alumni introduced. Achieved: A Seneca app for iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones was launched in May 2012.
Social media involvement across the college increased. Achieved: Increase in social media activity on Facebook and Twitter has resulted in approximately 16,000 new likes and followers across Seneca's official accounts. Social media strategy currently in development.
Provide timely communication about new philanthropic investments. Annual stewardship and accountability reports for major philanthropic investment accounts delivered. Achieved: Annual giving report published and distributed to all alumni, donors and friends.

3. Building an inspiring culture founded on its talented people and state-of-the art infrastructure and environment with eyes firmly locked on a bright and prosperous future.

Great Foundations

Initiatives for 2012-13 Performance indicators/ measurable outcomes Projected Status Update as of March 31, 2013
Finalize and begin rollout to support the implementation of the new 2012-2017 Strategic Plan. New plan approved by the Board of Governors. Achieved: Strategic Plan approved by Board of Governors in June 2012.
Cross-functional teams formed to support implementation of priority initiatives and Seneca Strategies. Rescheduled: Taskforces/teams established.
Five-year plan for implementation completed. In Progress: Ongoing into 2013-14.
Build leadership capacity within our organization. New leadership development strategy implemented. In Progress: Programs supporting new leadership development at College launched. Ongoing into Fiscal 2013-14.
More managers enrolled in Seneca's leadership foundation program. Achieved: Launched Seneca Management Foundations Program in December 2012. 37 managers had attended the first four learning modules as of March 2013.
Introduction of revised performance management system for support staff. In Progress: Additional professional development resources created. Support staff specific programming to be explored in 2013-14. Ongoing into 2013-14.
Develop robust recruitment and selection practices. Recruitment forms simplified and workflow process streamlined. In Progress: Forms revised. Development of electronic versions in progress. Process workflow redesigned.
Manager's toolkit to aid in hiring process developed and implemented. In Progress: New Recruitment team launched; responsible for evaluating performance outcomes and metrics. Launch of applicant tracking system completed.
Key Human Resources metrics tracked and analyzed. In Progress: Analytics plan in development. Ongoing into 2013-14.
Seneca values incorporated into selection process. In Progress: Seneca values included in Management Foundations training. Evaluation tool for recruitment to be introduced in 2013-14.
Implementation of new Human Resources Information System. Vendor selected and college-wide transition plan developed. In Progress: Human Resources staff working directly with Information Technology Services to support all aspects of i3 project including development of Human Resources Information System.
Develop Academic Resource Planning support tools and guidelines to assist Chairs and Deans. Enhanced Resource Planning framework and tools developed. Rescheduled: Program review and financial analysis template completed for review by Deans group and piloting. Changing responsibilities has delayed further development of existing tools.
Review endowment strategy and performance to ensure optimal income/payout rates ensured. Investment review completed and steps taken to protect principal and increase investment returns. In Progress: Review underway; cash flow forecast has begun and financial consultant candidates currently being screened. Ongoing into 2013-14.
Seneca's student aid endowment strengthened through major gift solicitations, annual campaigns and leveraging existing partnerships. In Progress: The first annual Campaign for Students raised more than $100,000 for student aid; lapsed donors from previous year contacted for renewal; ten new major gifts secured.
Initiate a comprehensive approach to risk management across college initiatives. Inventory of current risk management practices and gap identification completed. Achieved: Project approved in Fall 2012 and launched.
Develop Strategic Enrolment Management initiatives. Long-term enrolment plans for all campuses reviewed and updated. Achieved: New approach to Strategic Enrolment Management launched under the guidance of a crossfunctional committee chaired by Vice- President Academic.
Student recruitment plan revised to reflect new marketing strategy. Achieved: Review of all recruitment activities completed. Annual recruitment and external marketing plans revised.
Integrate information systems to support streamlined business processes and improved services. Vendor selected for i3 project and implementation plan developed. Achieved: Vendor selected. Governance model approved and in place.
Improve Information Technology Services support and capability. New operational plan for Information Technology Services developed and implemented. Achieved: New operational plan developed and implemented.
All employees have access to instant messaging and web conferencing systems. Achieved: Employees have access to instant messaging and web conferencing systems completed.
Construction of private cloud data centre environment initiated. Achieved: Seneca cloud data centre launched.
Improve approach to space planning. Seneca Space Planning and Infrastructure Committee established. New process for capital approvals implemented. Achieved: Committee mandate approved. Capital approvals processes now part of integrated planning approach.
Course selection procedures reviewed. Plan for revisions developed; pilot underway in at least one faculty. Achieved: Course based registration for Liberal Arts programs post-first semester implemented.
Continue integration of planning across departments. Seneca's business, capital and operating, and human resource planning integrated into the same calendar cycle, with strong links to the academic and strategic plans. Achieved: New integrated planning process launched in August 2012. Departmental level business planning tied to process for budgeting and new resource requests.
Improve integration of departmental activities to create a single college research system. New research advisory committee to create a set of Seneca research protocols and systematize the sharing of research-related information. Achieved: New Applied Research and Innovation protocols and services identified & implemented for information sharing, faculty outreach & partnership engagement.
Implement new review system and Research Ethics Board terms of reference. Achieved: New forms, procedures, and terms of reference established & implemented.
Creation of central repository for information and metrics related to applied research and scholarly activity. Achieved: New Applied Research and Innovation project database created for metrics capture and analysis. New website created and implemented for communicating information related to Seneca applied research, including grant opportunities.
Review current college services to enhance service value. Engineering assessment of parking lots at Newnham, Markham and King campuses conducted and implementation commenced on new parking systems. In Progress: New parking system at Markham and King campuses completed in Winter 2013. To be expanded to Newnham campus to in Spring 2013.
New tracking system introduced for inter-campus courier service. In Progress: Under review by College Services Advisory Committee.
Support implementation of Campus Master Plans through better coordination of capital asset and cash flow planning. Complete long-term capital asset plan review in conjunction with the development of a multi-year cash flow management plan. Achieved: Long-term capital asset plan review completed.
Move King campus expansion project forward on scheduled timelines. Partner agreement reached with the York Regional Police. Not Achieved: York Regional Police decision to not participate in Phase 1 of King Campus expansion reached in November 2012.
Functional space plan and site servicing analysis completed. Achieved: Functional space plan and site servicing analysis completed in Fall 2012.
Design process commenced. Rescheduled: Design process currently under review by Infrastructure Ontario. Ongoing into Fiscal 2013-14.
King community long-term outreach plan developed. In Progress: Dependent on launch of Request for Proposal by Infrastructure Ontario.
Articulate fundraising priorities for the King campus expansion project. Background research, community consultation exercises, and naming opportunities evaluation completed. Achieved: Background research and policies on naming opportunities and asset evaluations completed.
Campaign counsel secured and engaged; all policies updated. Achieved: Relevant policies reviewed in accordance with campaign requirements.
Enhance Seneca facilities for students, faculty and staff members. Eaton Hall review completed and strategic direction decided. Achieved: Detailed Facility Upgrade Report completed in September 2012. Eaton Hall to continue to be used to support academic programming and internal events.
Completed upgrading of student lounge seating at King, Markham and Seneca@York. Achieved: All student lounge seating at King, Markham and Seneca@York installed. New library furniture at Newnham and exterior furniture for Newnham and York in place.
Create more Active Learning Classrooms. One Active Learning Classroom on each campus identified and created. In Progress: Active Learning Classrooms for each campus identified. Layouts generated and technical specifications being compiled. Proposed completion date in May 2013.
Develop integrated approach to learning spaces. Consultations with Information Technology Services, Centre for Academic Excellence, Deans and Chairs, Seneca Student Federation and Facilities carried out to inform a holistic approach to teaching and learning spaces across various projects. In Progress: Collaboration occurring across all functional areas with respect to various projects. Ongoing into 2013-14.

Year in review: Celebrating achievements across the Seneca community

April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013
The 2012-2013 academic year was filled with noteworthy accomplishments for Seneca College. The following are some of our highlights:

Building a stronger Seneca

Strategic and Academic plans approved by Board of Governors
Seneca's Strategic and Academic Plans were approved by the College's Board of Governors in June 2012. The five-year plans outline how Seneca will remain at the forefront of providing student-focused teaching and learning that is redefining how people think about postsecondary education. With the theme “A different kind of school with a different kind of graduate”, the College has set out an ambitious set of goals to ensure our students receive both high-quality, career-relevant education and the best possible postsecondary experience.

Academic Plan implementation underway across the College
The College's Academic Plan sets out a bold vision to equip Seneca students and graduates with the skills they need to be successful. A multi-year implementation plan involving the establishment of task groups focusing on specific areas is underway. Led by Deans and Associate Vice Presidents, the task groups have begun collecting and analyzing data and sharing their findings with the broader College community.

King expansion project begins outreach phase
As Seneca's King Campus prepares for a major expansion, including a new academic building to accommodate its growing student population, the College began to explore several community partnerships, and is in the process of developing a major fundraising initiative to support the development of the campus and the related student and academic priorities.

Aviation programs moving to new Peterborough campus
With the impending closure of Buttonville Airport, the School of Aviation & Flight Technology has found a new home for its Bachelor of Aviation Technology program. In November 2012, the Board of Governors approved the relocation to Peterborough Airport. The College's fleet will be housed in a new state-of-the-art facility with space for classrooms, aircraft maintenance, storage and a student lounge. Construction of the campus is already underway and the College is aiming to begin operations at the new location in January 2014.

Peterborough campus
The Peterborough Municipal Airport is an excellent site for the Bachelor of Aviation Technology’s senior students. At its new location, Seneca students will continue to receive high quality aviation education in a modern, purpose-built facility.

Newnham Campus Atrium dedicated to Dr. Frederick W. Minkler
Seneca's first President Dr. William T. Newnham was on hand at the naming ceremony for the new atrium in Building A+ at the College's Newnham Campus. The space was officially named the Minkler Atrium in honour of Dr. Frederick W. Minkler, the first Chair of Seneca's Board of Governors. This is the second time a facility at Seneca has been named after Minkler. The Minkler Auditorium, previously located at the Newnham Campus, was reconfigured to accommodate the campus' library in 2001.

Seneca goes mobile with new app
A Seneca app for iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones was launched in May. The app allows users to stay up-to-date with the latest campus news, check grades, post to discussion forums, view important class announcements, read and download assignments, and upload content. The app also features maps, a College directory, social media links and library information.

Members of the Seneca community awarded Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medals
A number of individuals across the Seneca College community including President David Agnew were awarded a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal for their extensive public service work and contributions to their communities and beyond. Other members of the Seneca community who have been recognized with this honour include Richard Lim (Board of Governors member), David Tsubouchi (Board of Governors member), Thomas Carrique (Board of Governors member), Karen Burnell (Professor), John McIntyre (retired Chair), Gregory Madeley (Professor), Terry Watada (retired Professor) and Barb Weeden (alumna and former Manager of Community Recreation camps at King Campus).

Photo of John McIntyre
John McIntyre, a retired Seneca Professor, received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal for his ongoing volunteer work in his hometown of Aurora in January 2013.

Strengthening our community

Seneca proud of its Premier Award winner and multiple nominees
The Premier's Award honours the important social and economic contribution college graduates make in Ontario and throughout the world and Seneca's outstanding faculty and alumni were recognized in 2012. Seneca alumna and School of Community Service professor Jo Gomes (Community Service) won the award for her outstanding work as a community builder, volunteer and leader. Meanwhile, Seneca alumni Grace Batumbya (Recent Graduate), Jully Black (Creative Arts and Design), Mario Iusi (Business), Cole Mackin (Technology), and Catherine Mayers (Health Sciences) were all nominated for Premier Award honours.

Seneca hosts Members of Provincial Parliament
Prior to becoming the 25th Premier of Ontario, the Honourable Kathleen Wynne visited Seneca College in November along with several MPPs to discuss how the College is helping the provincial government meet the demand for postsecondary education in the Greater Toronto Area and to hear about the College's future plans. The visit featured a demonstration of the $35 Raspberry Pi computer by students from Seneca's Centre for Development of Open Technology.

MPP Visit
Prior to becoming the 25th Premier of Ontario, the Honourable Kathleen Wynne visited Seneca College in November along with several MPPs.

Seneca enjoys visits by high profile government officials
Seneca was visited by a number of high profile government officials in 2012-13, including the Honourable Glen Murray, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities (TCU) and Deborah Newman, TCU Deputy Minister. The College was also visited by Dr. Rob Leone, TCU Opposition Critic, numerous local Members of Provincial and Federal Parliament, members of the Federal Conservative Postsecondary Education Caucus and Paul Davidson, President of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada.

Seneca works with regional partners on transit
Seneca took a number of strides in 2012-2013 to address the transit challenges and opportunities across its campuses in Toronto and York Region. The College conducted a Baseline Commuting Survey to better understand the commuting patterns of students and staff. Working with local Smart Commute offices, Seneca began implementing a number of new programs and initiatives to encourage the increased use of public transit and carpooling. Seneca was recognized for these efforts by receiving multiple Smart Commute Workplace designations. Additionally, Seneca President David Agnew attended the “Going to School” transit summit in September co-hosted by York University's City Institute. The event featured heads of the region's colleges and universities, transit planners, regional transit chiefs and civic leaders.

Seneca President continues work with Science, Technology and Innovation Council
Seneca President David Agnew continued his involvement with the Science, Technology and Innovation Council, an advisory body that provides the Government of Canada with external policy advice on science and technology issues. President Agnew continued to advocate for increased support for applied research at Canadian colleges and visited with a number of government officials to discuss postsecondary issues pertinent to the Seneca community.

Seneca hosts Arts Exposed event at Markham Campus
Arts Exposed 2012, a community-centred event with the goal of generating greater awareness about the arts in York Region, took place for a second year in a row at Seneca's Markham Campus. The two-day conference in November 2012 was attended by artists, politicians, corporate and cultural administrators and served as a platform for discussions on the evolving role of institutions in supporting the growth of the arts locally.

Project to prevent and reduce violence in postsecondary communities receives federal funding
A joint project between Seneca College and local organization, Yellow Brick House received a $200,000 federal grant from Status of Women Canada. Yellow Brick House, a non-profit organization, provides emergency shelter, counselling and support services to abused women and their children in York Region. The project spans five of Seneca's campuses and engages a committee of students and campus community stakeholders to work with Yellow Brick House to identify issues of violence affecting women on campus and create an educational campaign.

group shot
Pictured in the front row (from left to right) are MPs Costas Menegakis and Joe Daniel with Lorris Herenda, Executive Director of Yellow Brick House.

Seneca supports City of Markham's cultural development plans
Seneca worked with the City of Markham in 2012-2013 to advance its cultural policy planning through counsel provided by the College's senior leadership team and members of its Board of Governors. Specifically, the College contributed to the City's Culture Policy & Plan 2012 which was approved by Markham Council in December 2012. The plan outlines a vision for Markham that celebrates its diversity and strengthens its local economy. Also in 2012-2013, Seneca's Markham Campus received a Markham Board of Trade Business Excellence Award for Community Relations and Cultural Enrichment. The College was recognized for its strong presence in the local community since opening its Markham Campus seven years ago.

Seneca recognized for its support of newcomers
Seneca was recognized for its ongoing support of the York Region Immigration Settlement Strategy, an organization responsible for setting the long-term vision and priorities for the wellbeing of newcomers in the region. Developed under the Local Immigration Partnership initiative and funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the strategy is intended to guide community action to enhance quality of life and increase opportunities for all residents.

Seneca hosts 2012 YouthCAN Conference
Seneca College was proud to host the sixth annual YouthCAN Conference in August 2012. With more than 300 youth in attendance and staff chaperones representing Children's Aid Societies from all across the province of Ontario, the theme of the conference was "SUCCESS! It's a Journey". Conference delegates had the opportunity to experience a taste of college life while staying at Seneca Newnham Residence, learning to navigate the campus, meeting professors, utilizing the gym and fitness centres, and using food services on campus. Seneca President David Agnew and Samir Abdi, then President of the Seneca Student Federation, made opening remarks at the Conference. Additionally, youth participated in workshops facilitated by Seneca faculty and attended fun and informative workshops highlighting the opportunities available to them in postsecondary education.

Celebrating Chinese New Year at Seneca
The Confucius Institute at Seneca celebrated the Chinese New Year with a special concert, co-presented by the Li Delun Music Foundation and featuring the Toronto Festival Orchestra. The College hosted a number of events in celebration of the New Year including ceremonial dance performances and cultural exchanges.

Seneca supports York Region Economic Development Plan
Seneca's senior leadership team worked with York Region Economic Development to support its focus on the creation of new innovation hubs within the region. The College also continued to devote resources towards supporting public and private research-based investments with locally-based industry. Additionally, Seneca and local government continue to collaborate on a number of postsecondary discussion topics pertinent to the region.

High-quality program offerings

New programs:

In 2012-2013, Seneca's Board of Governors approved the launch of the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (Degree)
  • Environmental Technician – Sampling and Monitoring (Diploma)
  • Hospitality Foundations (Certificate)
  • Public Administration (Graduate Certificate)

New Continuing Education credentials:

  • Project Management – Information Technology (Graduate Certificate)

First in Canada, new Seneca program offers students unique opportunity to earn degree
Seneca was proud to launch an innovative, first-of-its-kind-in-Canada bachelor's degree providing liberal arts education to complement applied and professional studies. The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies provides an innovative pathway for students to build on the education they have already received at colleges or universities. By recognizing prior education, this program provides a unique entryway back to school for those seeking a bachelor's degree.

HD Broadcast TV Studio opened at Seneca@York
The School of Media and Marketing launched its new state-of-the-art, high definition (HD), robotic studio/newsroom at the Seneca@York campus in June, 2012. In partnership with Avid, Panasonic and Applied Electronics Limited, students using the studio in the School's Journalism and Broadcast programs have the opportunity to develop their skills on cutting-edge, industrygrade equipment, including HD cameras and HD post production editing capabilities.

Professor Alex Hall
Professor Alex Hall talks about the new HDTV studio that will be used by students starting in September

Seneca's CDOT and Mozilla collaborate on top app
Seneca's Centre for Development of Open Technology (CDOT) and Mozilla, creator of the Firefox browser, collaborated on the development of the Popcorn Maker app, which allows web users to enhance videos with links, additional video and audio tracks, maps, live social media feeds and photos or subtitles with ease. The project was led by Professor David Humphrey and his team of CDOT researchers comprised of graduates and students from the School of Information and Communications Technology. To date, Popcorn Maker has been used to enhance videos developed by the Public Broadcasting System, the National Film Board of Canada, the People's Choice Awards, and by countless individual webmakers and filmmakers around the world. It also received 2012 Top App honours from popular business and technology magazine, InformationWeek.

The Popcorn Maker app, developed in association with Seneca's Centre for Development of Open Technology, allows web users to enhance videos with links, additional video and audio tracks, maps, live social media feeds and photos

Rogers Media and Seneca launch innovative internship for next generation of radio announcers
Rogers Media, in partnership with Seneca, announced a newly-created four-month internship entitled GenNOW. The program gives students the unique opportunity to gain real work experience as on-air radio announcers in Canada's most competitive market while simultaneously earning course credit. Through this exciting internship experience at the KiSS 92.5 studios, GenNOW students are able to develop their announcing skills while receiving unequalled access to mentoring sessions from KiSS 92.5 on-air hosts, production staff, and programming executives. Students also participate in a series of on-air exercises to become intimately familiar with the skills it takes to succeed in an on-air radio career.

Seneca is first Canadian college named a CUDA Teaching Center
Seneca was the first Canadian college to be named a Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) Teaching Center by NVIDIA, the world leader in visual and high performance computing. CUDA Teaching Centers are recognized to have integrated graphics-based computing techniques into their mainstream computer programming curricula. As a CUDA Teaching Center, Seneca can now provide students in the School of Information and Communications Technology with the opportunity to expand on their software development skills.

Seneca works to improve student-performance in language and math across Ontario
A Seneca-led initiative, the College Student Achievement Project (CSAP) is designed to analyze the mathematics and language achievement of first-year college students in Ontario and to identify ways to increase their success in college. The project is based at Seneca but involves all twenty-four Colleges of Applied Arts & Technology in the province and is supported by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. CSAP is a continuation and expansion of the College Mathematics Project (CMP) which has been operated by the College since 2006.

HEQCO report praises Liberal Arts Transfer program
A report by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario praised Seneca's Liberal Arts transfer program and the 2+2 model in which students can earn a diploma and bachelor's degree in just four years. The report highlighted the benefits of these programs in preparing students for success as well as the time and cost savings associated with this model. Seneca's Henry Decock, Associate Vice President, Academic - Research and Planning was also referenced throughout the report as Seneca's academic lead on matters pertaining to Liberal Arts transfers.

Strengthening our partnerships

Renewal of FedDev funding boosts Applied Research
Seneca's commitment to Applied Research was rewarded with the renewal of funding dollars from the Federal Economic Development Agency and its Southern Ontario branch, FedDev Ontario. The funds were used to support experiential learning opportunities for students through 21 new applied research projects and collaborations with 31 new partners.

Academic transfer agreement made between Seneca and UTSC
Building on its extensive pathways, the College launched a new partnership with the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) that enables students to complete a Seneca diploma and a UTSC degree in just four years. Under the agreement, after two semesters of Seneca's Liberal Arts program, students are allowed to take courses at UTSC as non-degree visiting students. Those credits can later count towards a UTSC Bachelor of Arts.

Seneca aviation degree open doors for aspiring Royal Canadian Air Force pilots
A first of its kind agreement between Seneca and the Canadian Forces provides aspiring Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) pilots with the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Aviation Technology degree and their military wings certification in just four years. This new partnership blends the academic requirements for Seneca's Aviation Technology degree with the training mandate for an RCAF pilot. Graduates will immediately gain job experience flying helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft or fighter jets as part of the RCAF.

New International Education Strategy developed
Seneca's Faculty of International Studies in association with the College's senior management team has developed a new international education strategy to make sure Seneca is in a leadership position as it builds strong academic and business partnerships around the world. This comprehensive plan serves as a roadmap for the College's global expansion in terms of student recruitment, partnerships, corporate training/contract activity, alumni development, student and faculty mobility, and applied research. Seneca's senior leaders also traveled to India, China, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to expand Seneca's international partnerships in 2012-13.

Government of Gujarat and Seneca sign agreement to provide global learning opportunities
The Government of Gujarat and Seneca signed a Letter of Cooperation designed to accelerate the internationalization of higher education in the Indian state and provide new global learning opportunities for Gujarat's young people. The Letter was signed at the International Conference of Academic Institutions at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University in Gandhinagar, India by Mr. N.N. Bhuptani, Deputy Director, Commissionerate of Technical Education and Seneca President, David Agnew. The local government and Seneca will also work together to create a Higher Education Forum that will support access, achievement and equity goals for Gujarati students.

Seneca forms ECE partnership in St. Lucia
Seneca College won an early childhood education skills exchange request for proposal bid with educational institutions in the Caribbean island nation of St. Lucia. The partnership received funding as part of a larger federal program called the Skills for Employment initiative which consists of an investment of approximately $40 million in projects to support vocational and technical training projects in Africa, Asia and the Americas. The investment will support key priorities as identified by leaders and industry representatives in the Caribbean region.

GuestLogix donates leading-edge hardware and software to School of Tourism
GuestLogix Inc., the leading global provider of onboard retail and payment technology solutions to airlines and the passenger travel industry, provided Seneca's Travel & Tourism – Flight Services program with point-of-sale (POS) hardware and software, making it the first postsecondary institution in the world to receive the in-flight technology. GuestLogix provides the airline industry's most popular POS technology to facilitate practical, hands-on training for in-flight retailing programs – skills that were previously limited to printed training guides and presentations only.

Celebrating student achievements

2012 Seneca Cup Winners announced
Pickering resident Armela Veranga Marano and North York's Hongxue Zhao were honoured as winners of the Seneca Cup, presented to students who best exemplifies academic excellence, personal integrity and student leadership. Marano is a graduate of the Social Service Worker diploma program while Zhao is a Paralegal diploma graduate.

Student wins top honours at major U.S. floral design competition
Sooyeon Kim's design of a wedding bouquet finished in first place at the National Symposium of the American Institute of Floral Designers held in Miami, Florida in July 2012. Kim's wedding bouquet design won its category and beat-out submissions from thirteen other Canadian and American colleges. Kim studied in the Floral Design Certificate program and graduated just a month before the competition.

Soo Yeon Kim
Sooyeon Kim's design of a wedding bouquet finished in first place at the National Symposium of the American Institute of Floral Designers held in Miami, Florida in July 2012.

School of Media and Marketing students supported Canadian coverage of London Olympic Games
Thirty Journalism students gained invaluable experience as they worked at CTV on the web broadcast of the London 2012 Olympic Games in August. Students researched, produced, wrote and edited stories for webcast content which was viewed by millions of Canadians.

Seneca students win provincial Supply Chain Management competition
Seneca's team from the Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management program won first place in the annual 2013 SCL Canada Case Competition. Competing against sixteen teams from other Ontario universities and colleges, Seneca students were required to present a case solution based on a specific logistics need. Congratulations to Ammar Ahmed, Chris MacDonald, Monica Ozaruk, Olena Arutinova and Coach Peter Jackson.

Students work on global software project
Seneca students Stanley Tsang, James Boelen, and Raymond Hung of the Bachelor of Software Development program, collaborated with CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) to increase the performance of an in-house software program the institute uses in collaboration with its highly-publicized Large Hadron Collider project; the world's largest and highest-energy particle accelerator. The data collected through this project is being used to answer fundamental questions in physics about the nature of space and time.

The Seneca Sting enjoyed a banner season in 2012-13 including six OCAA championship medals.

Sting golfers grab OCAA Championship medal, All-Canadian and Coach of the Year Honours
The Seneca Sting varsity golf team had an outstanding 2012 season. Mitchel Kennedy became the first member of the Sting to finish in the top three at the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) Championship since 1993. Kennedy finished in second-place, two strokes behind the tournament champion from Georgian. Kennedy was also named a 2012 Canadian Colleges Athletic Association Golf All-Canadian. Head coach Matthew Wilson was awarded 2012 OCAA Golf Coach of the Year honours for the men's team's dramatic improvement over the previous year's performance.

Varsity rugby teams capture bronze medals
The Seneca Sting men's and women's rugby teams captured OCAA Championship bronze medals in November 2012. The women's rugby team defeated the St. Lawrence Vikings 17-7, while the men's team beat the Algonquin Thunder 39-10. Player of the match honours went to Jenn Wedlock from the women's team and Morgan Walls from the men's team. Seneca has now won a league-best 12 medals in men's rugby.

Sting badminton players win three OCAA medals
Seneca's varsity badminton team brought home gold and silver medals from the 2013 Ontario Colleges Athletic Association Badminton Championships in February. Carol Dela Cerna won her first OCAA women's singles title, defeating her opponent from Boreal 21-8, 21-17 in the gold medal match. Katie Liu and Chessy Jian captured silver in women's doubles category. Thanks to their gold and silver wins, the Sting won the women's team championship title. Seneca was also triumphant in men's doubles as Jimin Jung and Ian Tang surprised Humber in the gold medal match 21-16, 23-21. Jimin and Ian were the underdogs of the tournament, after going 2-3 in round robin play.

Celebrating achievements of faculty

Seneca bestows first Professor Emeritus title upon retiring Senior Vice-President
After more than three decades of service to Seneca, retiring Senior Vice-President Cindy Hazell was named the first Seneca Professor Emeritus. The life-long title symbolizes the enormous respect she earned from colleagues and the tremendous contribution she made to the field of postsecondary education and to Seneca. The title brings with it an expectation that Professor Emeritus Hazell's long-standing association with the College will continue and provide her with, among other privileges, the opportunity to participate as a member of the platform party in future convocation ceremonies. Professor Emeritus Hazell was selected as the first recipient of the honour because of her deep dedication to the College's teaching and learning mission, her extraordinary commitment to students, and her devotion to Seneca.

Chris Tyler awarded Industrial Research Chair for Colleges in Open Source Technology
Seneca Professor Chris Tyler was named among the first Industrial Research Chairs for Colleges by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). His research is focused on foundational software for new energy-efficient computing platforms, ranging from the revolutionary $35 Raspberry Pi computer to large data centres with industry partner Red Hat Canada. The $1 million renewable five-year grant recognizes Seneca's expertise and establishes Tyler as a research leader in open source technology for emerging platforms. Industrial Research Chairs for Colleges Grants support Chair programs across a number of scientific and technology-based fields. The grants are part of the College and Community Innovation Program managed by NSERC.

Seneca professor one of the first to earn new communications designation
Beth Agnew, professor and coordinator of Seneca's Technical Communication program, was among the first to receive a Certified Professional Technical Communication designation from the Society of Technical Communication Certification Commission. This new certification requires expert evaluation of demonstrated skills in areas including user, task and experience analysis, information design, information development, information production, and process management.

Seneca professor receives national award
Dr. Gabriel Huston, a professor in the School of International Business, was awarded the 2012 National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada's (NEPMCC) award and honourary board membership for distinguished services in the humanities and the arts in recognition of his efforts for the creation of a true and just, multicultural society. The award was presented by The Honourable David, C. Onley, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, at a ceremony held at Queen's Park in November. Dr. Huston was recognized for his National Report on Canada's Communitybased Ethnic/Third Language Media for the NEPMCC; Canada's first-ever national report on ethnic media.

Professor's documentary premiered at film festival
Living As Brothers premiered at the Canadian Labour International Film Festival in Whitehorse, Yukon in November 2012. The feature-length documentary written and directed by Kevin Fraser, a professor in the School of English and Liberal Studies, examines the lives of Jamaican migrant workers who play a key role in Niagara's farming community.

Making headlines by monkeying around
In January, Barney Wornoff, Seneca Animation and Independent Illustration Professor was bombarded with media requests. The reason – he, along with Seneca students, developed an online video game and T-shirt based on Darwin — the monkey who made global headlines during the Christmas holidays after he was captured wandering in a Toronto Ikea wearing a shearling coat. In the game, players control “a Darwin look-a-like” to piece together an Ikea shelf while avoiding obstacles standing in Darwin's way, including runaway shopping carts and customers. The game went viral almost immediately with more than 12,000 hits in its first 48 hours online.

Seneca Professor Barney Wornoff and his Animation and Independent Illustration students developed an online video game based on Darwin the Ikea monkey.

Celebrating achievements of alumni

Designs from six Fashion Arts graduates selected by renowned gallery for display
Six of Seneca's Fashion Arts graduates had designs from their final year collections displayed in the Fashion Arts: The New Generation exhibition at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection. The gallery requested an exciting exhibit from Seneca to complement the McMichael's feature exhibition, Fashionality: Dress and Identity in Contemporary Canadian Art. The McMichael Canadian Art Collection is a major public art gallery that offers visitors the unique opportunity to enjoy Canadian landscape paintings in the woodland setting that inspired them, amongst other diverse, creative and thought-provoking exhibitions.

Seneca's Angela James recognized as YWCA Woman of Distinction and through biography
Seneca Senior Sports Coordinator Angela James added the 2012 YWCA Women of Distinction Award for Sport to her long list of honours as Canada's first superstar of women's hockey. Angela was among seven women recipients recognized for accomplishments across a wide spectrum of activities, including business, education, entrepreneurship and healthcare. Angela was also recognized in 2012-2013 with a biography written by fellow Senecans Corey Long and Tom Bartsiokas entitled Angela James: The First Superstar of Women's Hockey. James attended Seneca's Recreation Facilities Management program and established herself as one of the top Ontario College Athletics Association players. Her domination of the women's game led to numerous accolades in recent years, including her induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame, Canada's Sports Hall of Fame and the International Ice Hockey Hall of Fame.

Angela James was recognized in 2012-13 with a biography written by fellow Senecans Corey Long and Tom Bartsiokas entitled Angela James: The First Superstar of Women's Hockey.

30 honoured as Senecans of Distinction
Seneca College and the Seneca Alumni Association honoured 30 of the community's outstanding alumni, philanthropists and volunteers at the Senecans of Distinction ceremony in October 2012. Board of Governors Chair Bill Hogarth and President David Agnew recognized outstanding alumni and friends who have made a difference to the Seneca community through giving, volunteering and serving as ambassadors in the workplace. Notable Senecans honoured included: Natalee Johnson, Maurice Platero, Brian Price and Beryl Walker.

Firefighting grad brings home gold from World Firefighter
Challenge Amber Bowman, a part-time technician in the Firefighter, Pre-Service Education and Training program, won four gold medals at the World Firefighter Combat Challenge, which was held in October in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. A former student in the program, Bowman currently works as a firefighter with Central York Fire Services in Newmarket and Aurora. The Firefighter Combat Challenge is a rigorous competition that attracts hundreds of participants from Canadian and U.S. fire departments each year.

Amber Bowman, a part-time technician in the Firefighter, Pre-Service Education and Training program, won four gold medals at the World Firefighter Combat Challenge, which was held in October in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Seneca faculty members and graduates contribute to Oscar-nominated films for second straight year
For the second year in a row, Seneca professors and graduates worked on films nominated for Academy Awards. Graduates and faculty from the Visual Effects for Film and Television and Animation programs worked on three of the five Oscar-nominated films in the category of Achievement in Visual Effects including Snow White and the Huntsmen, The Avengers, and the Hobbit. The artistry of Seneca professors Mahmoud Rahnama and Kenny Tam as well as numerous graduates was featured in Martin Scorsese's 3D film Hugo which won the Oscar for best visual effects in 2012.

Creative Advertising grad earns top copywriting nod
For the second year in a row, Steve Persico, a graduate of Seneca's Creative Advertising program was ranked No. 1 on Strategy Magazine's top Canadian copywriters list. As a writer for Leo Burnett, a renowned global advertising agency, Persico emerged as one of the industry's best young writers having won several awards and penned copy for such notable clients as Procter and Gamble, Kellogg's and Campbell's Soup.

Steve Persico, a graduate of Seneca’s Creative Advertising program was ranked No. 1 on Strategy Magazine’s top Canadian copywriters list. Here, he appears with Seneca professor Anthony Kalamut in a special Seneca-produced webcast on the advertising industry.

Seneca Alumni earn Juno nominations
Seneca Alumni Jully Black and Melanie Fiona each received a 2013 Juno nomination in the R&B/Soul Recording of the Year category. Jully, a graduate of the Police Foundations program, was nominated for her single "Fugitive," while Melanie, a graduate of General Business, was nominated for her single "Change the Record." Both artists have won once before in this category. The Juno Awards honour the year's best contributions in Canadian music. The Awards take place in Regina the week of April 15-21.

Strengthening student supports

Seneca celebrates $1.2 million donation from SSF with Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities
The Honourable Glen Murray, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, joined Seneca students and staff in May 2012 to celebrate a $1.2 million donation from the Seneca Student Federation to support student bursaries. The new Seneca Student Federation Bursary Initiative will establish endowed bursaries of more than $50,000 annually for domestic and international students. It will also provide emergency funds for students in immediate financial need.

Campaign For Students surpasses fundraising goal with $246,000
Thanks to the support of Seneca staff, students and alumni, the $110,000 fundraising goal for this year's Campaign For Students was reached and far surpassed with $246,000 raised. The fundraising campaign was a call to the entire Seneca community to support students in financial need. The fundraising total includes a generous matching gift of $110,000 from the Seneca Student Federation. Every dollar raised through campus events, and employee, alumni, student federation and donor contributions went directly towards establishing a new student endowment, with awards being distributed equally across each Seneca Faculty.

Campaign for Students
SSF President Usman Ansari presents Seneca President David Agnew with a matching gift of $110,000 from the Seneca Student Federation.

Pillar Sponsorship Program supports students and alumni
Seneca's Pillar Sponsorship Program, a funding initiative for faculty-based alumni/student networking and educational initiatives continued to support events and initiatives across the College in 2012. Supported by Seneca's affinity partners and the Office of Advancement and Alumni, the program sponsored several initiatives including Sharks' Pond 2012, a new venture competition for entrepreneurial Seneca grads. A number of faculty reunions, social gatherings and conferences were also supported by the program.

CGA Ontario invests in the success of Seneca's Accounting and Financial Services students with generous donation
Certified General Accountants of Ontario donated $255,000 to Seneca's School of Accounting and Financial Services, in part to establish the CGA Ontario Learning Centre at the College's Newnham Campus. The CGA Ontario Learning Centre which officially opened in January 2013 is a dedicated study area for Seneca's accounting students. The opening ceremony for the new study space was attended by President Agnew and CGA Ontario CEO Doug Brooks, FCGA.

The Heavy Construction Association of Toronto pledges $100,000 to Seneca
The Heavy Construction Association of Toronto, an organization of contractors in the field of heavy civil engineering, pledged $100,000 to support infrastructure in the College's Welding program and to fund awards for students at the Centre for the Built Environment. The awards funding in particular supports students in a variety of programs including civil engineering, building management, environmental, energy management and fire protection.

Amsdell makes $50,000 donation towards endowed scholarship at Seneca
Amsdell continued its longstanding tradition of supporting Seneca students, with a gift of $50,000 toward an endowed scholarship fund for students in information and communications technology software development and IT administration programs. With this gift, the fund's total value reached $100,000, which was matched in entirety by the provincial government's Ontario Trust for Student Support program. The Amsdell Scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and financial need.

OACETT and Seneca Alumni Association create endowment for Seneca engineering technology students
The Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT) created a $40,000 endowment fund that will establish an annual bursary for Seneca College Engineering Technology students. The endowment was made possible through generous donations from OACETT's Carole and George Fletcher Foundation and Seneca Alumni Association, both of which were matched through the Ontario Trust for Student Support program. The endowment is part of a broader capital campaign to celebrate 25 years of OACETT's bursary program by endowing 25 funds at colleges across Ontario.

DIALOG donation to support Seneca students focusing on sustainability
The award-winning national design firm DIALOG invested in Seneca students by establishing the DIALOG Environmental Sustainability Award for those studying in environmentally-focused programs at the College. This $30,000 donation helped to create three awards for full-time students who demonstrate financial need, maintain high academic standing and demonstrate a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Famed metallurgist Dr. Ursula Franklin donates gift in kind of books
Dr. Ursula Franklin, a famed metallurgist, former U of T professor, current Massey Fellow, and winner of the Pearson Medal of Peace donated her extensive collection of books regarding Chinese material culture to the Confucius Institute. The value of the collection is approximately $15,000. The collection contains some very scarce and important books relating to Chinese culture, art and artifacts and will be of great research value to the Institute.

Triumph Express supports International Transportation and Customs students
The award-winning global cargo transportation, logistics, warehousing, and brokerage company has established the $25,000 Triumph Express International Transportation and Customs Award for first-year students in the International Transportation and Customs program. Over the next five years, students interested in a career in International Transportation or Customs will be eligible for financial aid, thanks to this award.

Alumnus supports those following in his footsteps
Winston Stewart, a graduate of Seneca's Law Enforcement program, and founder of Wincon Security Services has been a longtime supporter of the College. Since graduation, he has volunteered his time and been recognized as a Distinguished alumnus. This year, Winston established the $25,000 Winston Stewart College Opportunities Bursary for students in Seneca's College Opportunities Program. His five-year commitment to this program will assist many students looking to continue their postsecondary education and obtain the skills they need for a successful career.

Consolidated Financial Statements

Consolidated Financial Statements (PDF)