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3. Cross-disciplinary, Experiential and Flexible Learning

In five years, every program will embed cross- disciplinary learning, experiential learning opportunities and flexible learning options that enable students to access courses offered in the day and evening, in person and online.

Initiatives for 2014-15 Performance indicators/ measurable outcomes End-of-Year Status Update
Create and launch a model through which every Seneca student will have a cross-disciplinary and experiential learning experience. Seneca Innovators Series developed by December 2014. Achieved: SeneTALKS seminars launched in October 2014.
Three new cross-disciplinary experiences between faculties developed by December 2014. Achieved: Three new cross-disciplinary experiences launched in Fall 2014.
Online database of cross-disciplinary and experiential learning opportunities established by March 2015. Achieved: Online database of cross-disciplinary and experiential learning opportunities populated.
New course to address flexible, cross-disciplinary and experiential learning and core literacies launched by March 2015. Rescheduled: Flexible, cross-disciplinary and experiential course modules currently under development for launch in Fall 2015.
Co-op placement activity increased by 20%. Achieved: Co-op placement activity increased by 28.6% over FY2013-14 level.
Four courses re-developed into cross-disciplinary offerings enabling team teaching by March 2015. Achieved: Business courses re-developed for delivery in Business and Information Technology degrees. Several cross-disciplinary projects/case studies piloted in Winter 2015 within Faculty of Applied Arts and Health Sciences.
Faculty and students engaged through spaces for developing digital teaching and learning innovations at Newnham and Seneca@York campuses. Achieved: 20 sessions offered in Summer 2014 through the Sandbox initiative, supporting more than 250 staff and students. Workshops converted into self-directed, online tutorials including topics such as video and infographic creation and digital storytelling.
Increase flexible delivery options across all Seneca programs. By August 2014, 11 online courses developed and approved through the Ontario Online Institute model. Achieved: 11 online courses now offered through Ontario Online model.
50 new Continuing Education course offerings launched on web-based platforms by March 2015. Achieved: 50 web-based courses related to new programs launched.
Six Business courses re-designed for hybrid delivery and launched by March 2015. Achieved: Eight courses re-designed for alternate delivery via iTunes University.