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Great Student Experiences

Initiatives for 2014-15 Performance indicators/ measurable outcomes End-of-Year Status Update
Develop and implement a new Experience Seneca course that integrates student orientation initiatives that count for academic credit. New Experience Seneca Course and Orientation model implemented by March 2015 with methods of assessment developed to track and improve first semester retention rates. Achieved: New Introduction to Seneca Studies course developed and launched in three Faculty of Business programs in Fall 2014.
Develop first year programs and services to support Experience Seneca and transition of students to the College. A new college-wide plan including an assessment model to support programs and Experience Seneca launched by March 2015. Achieved: Experience Seneca successfully launched and college-wide integrated transitional programming developed.

Rescheduled: Assessment model currently under development with work set to continue in FY2015-16.
Implement an enhanced strategic, coordinated and integrated approach to communicating with prospective students, current students and alumni. Communication strategy deployed by Fall 2014. Achieved: New communication strategies and processes developed.
Communication tools implemented by Fall 2014. Achieved: New Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system implemented to deploy strategies.
Develop a conceptual design with the Seneca Student Federation and the Student Athletic Association that incorporates a new student and athletic build at the Newnham Campus. Conceptual design that integrates all stakeholders completed by March 2015. Achieved: Visioning exercise, stakeholder meetings and development of student survey completed.
Review Seneca’s endowment and investment policies and practices to ensure sustainability and predictability of student support. Investment portfolio review completed by March 2015. Achieved: New investment broker in place for beginning of FY2015-16.
Enhance technology across Seneca campuses. 42 classrooms audiovisual upgrades by December 2014. Achieved: Audiovisual upgrades to 132 e-classrooms across the College completed.
By March 2015, college-wide Internet availability, download speed and wireless network reliability and performance improved. Achieved: Internet connection capacity across Seneca doubled. Wireless survey completed and wireless coverage increased across campuses. College-wide Internet access times significantly improved.
Enhance Seneca mobile app. Seneca mobile app. updated to enhance functionality by August 2014. Achieved: PeopleSoft Mobile functionality achieved by March 2015 laying foundation for continued enhancement to SenecaMobile.
Enhance parking services at all campuses. Improved service repair times reached to address parking system issues by March 2015. Achieved: An equipment maintenance agreement with guaranteed service response time signed with parking services partner.
Improve Security services presence across Seneca. Renovation of Security and welcome bases completed at Seneca@York Campus. Achieved: Renovation completed.
Promote our faculty, alumni and partners’ contributions. Media and presentation training for administrative and academic leads completed by Summer 2014. Achieved: Media training for administrative and academic leads took place in November 2014 and December 2014.