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4. Integrated Student Services

In five years, every Seneca student will have access to ongoing and integrated advisory opportunities starting from their first contact to the day they graduate.

Initiatives for 2014-15 Performance indicators/ measurable outcomes End-of-Year Status Update
Evaluate and enhance student advising model. New student advising model launched in all faculties by March 2015. Rescheduled: Development of new advising model completed, with launch deferred to Fall 2015.
Expand student support programs and services. New advanced standing process implemented by March 2015. Achieved: New advanced standing process developed and delivered via new i3-based transfer credit module.
Participation in Foundations for Success workshops, Career Services offerings, SMILE Mentoring and Success@Seneca increased by 25% by March 2015. Achieved: Programs and services enhanced; target of 25% increase met.
Redesign student service model. New integrated student service model designed and implementation plan developed by December 2014. Rescheduled: Environmental scan and recommendations completed. Stakeholder input being sought to inform student service model development. Implementation plan to be developed by Fall 2015.