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3. Cross-disciplinary, Experiential and Flexible Learning

In five years, every program will embed cross- disciplinary learning, experiential learning opportunities and flexible learning options that enable students to access courses offered in the day and evening, in person and online.

Initiatives for 2015-16 Performance indicators/
measurable outcomes
End-of-Year Status Update
Develop new experiential learning opportunities to address gaps identified. Plan for work-integrated learning developed by December 2015. Achieved:Plan for new work-integrated learning model developed. Implementation of the new model is underway.
Experiential and cross-disciplinary learning opportunity measures and targets established by July 2015. Achieved: College-wide data gathered and shared. Experiential and cross-disciplinary learning metrics and targets established.
Student participation in applied research increased by 20 per cent by March 2016. Achieved: Student participation in applied research in FY2015-16 has increased by 21 per cent over FY2014-15 level.
100 students engaged in HELIX incubator activities by March 2016. Achieved: More than 1000 students have participated in one stage of the HELIX model.
Develop new cross-disciplinary learning opportunities in 50 per cent of academic schools. New cross-disciplinary learning opportunities developed in 50 per cent of academic schools by March 2016. Achieved:12 of 24 academic schools have developed new cross-disciplinary learning opportunities.
Faculty skills/credentials database populated by March 2016. Achieved:Faculty skills/credentials database is functional and populated in one school. Implementation college-wide to be completed by September 2016.
Increase flexible delivery options across all Seneca programs. 10 online courses delivered through Ontario Online by September 2015. Achieved: 34 new online courses and programs currently offered through Faculty of Continuing Education and Training (FCET) and loaded onto eCampus Ontario portal.
50 new continuing education course offerings launched on web-based platforms by March 2016. In Progress: 45 new FCET courses offerings launched on web-based platforms with seven additional courses scheduled to launch in May 2016.
10 courses re-designed for flexible delivery by March 2016. Achieved: 30 courses re-designed for flexible delivery.