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Great Foundations

Initiatives for 2015-16 Performance indicators/
measurable outcomes
End-of-Year Status Update
Replace aging information technology infrastructure, including network equipment and operational systems. Capacity to critical services such as wireless access points, Blackboard, printing and email increased by March 2016. Achieved: Wireless survey performed and gaps addressed. Printer offerings upgraded to latest versions featuring additional functionalities and new services. Two new data centres were built and are currently operational.
Local Area Network (LAN) infrastructure upgrades and modernization completed by March 2016. Achieved: Deployment of all new network infrastructure equipment completed.
Continue to build culture of philanthropy to support Seneca students. At least $590,000 in renewable funds raised through annual fundraising appeals. Achieved: More than $845,000 raised through annual fundraising appeals.
Expand brand awareness and profile of the College to support key performance indicators. Number of direct and non-direct applicants selecting Seneca as first choice increased by March 2016. Achieved: First choice applications increased slightly for fall 2015. Planning for next phase of brand campaign is underway.
Two new recruitment-focused events hosted including Spring Open House and College Dialogue by March 2016. Achieved: Events successfully executed.
Improve internal processes, procedures and reporting tied to facilities management and capital planning. College Space and Planning Committee’s governance process developed by March 2016. Achieved: Monthly meetings being held with each campus principal to discuss space requests and engage in planning activities.
Facilities Management website enhanced by March 2016. Achieved: Facilities Management website enhanced. Department currently using SharePoint to improve internal communication.
College’s Maintenance Management system stabilized and optimized by March 2016. Ongoing: System stabilized and optimized. Further optimization changes will be made to integrate work orders, custodial, projects and security requests in FY2016-17.
Vendors of Record (VORs) established for the College’s usage of consultants, general contractors and tradespeople by March 2016. Achieved: Furniture VOR issued. Established VOR list completed.
Deliver enhanced and integrated resources and supports to Seneca staff and faculty. New Human Resources Information System (HRIS) modules launched and stabilized by March 2016. In Progress: Phase I of HRIS implementation completed.
Review of HR processes commenced by fall 2015. In Progress: The review process will be completed by June 2016.
New tools launched to support succession planning by March 2016. Achieved: Phase I of pilot project completed. Phase II to be launched in FY2016-17.
Build leadership capacity within our organization. Administrative performance management system and processes evaluated and enhanced by March 2016. Achieved: ePerformance module has been launched with training and implementation to be completed in FY2016-17.
Support development of first Enterprise Risk Management Plan (ERM). Enterprise Risk Management Plan approved by Board of Governors by June 2015. Achieved: ERM IT Risk Management Roadmap completed.
Implement new Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Policy and Protocols. College policies/processes reviewed and revised as per Provincial Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Policy and Protocols by fall 2015. Achieved: Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Policy report completed and submitted to Ministry. Policy revisions are in progress.
Educational materials developed to communicate new policies and protocols to Seneca community. Achieved: By-stander training is ongoing and new Sexual Assault information website launched.
Review and enhance privacy policy to ensure currency. Review completed in fall 2015 and Privacy Office resources strengthened. Achieved: Privacy office strengthened through realignment of resources to create dedicated role.
Ensure AODA compliance across all college areas. Compliance achieved across all college areas by March 2016. Achieved: Seneca is fully compliant with all current AODA standards including customer service training, procurement standards, accessible formats for libraries, all instructional materials, web content, emergency planning, and the built environment. 
Launch customer service initiative to improve financial and budgetary literacy across college departments. Established service level agreements in place by March 2016. Achieved: Customer service initiative launched including development of service-level agreements and key performance indicators for internal departments.
Sustain student database infrastructure to ensure successful transition to new integrated system. ARIES student system preserved and modernized by March 2016. Achieved: ARIES database ported to new platform. New reports and forms have been created to provide access to historical data.