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Seneca College

At Seneca, we are driven by our values of excellence, innovation, community, and diversity. At this time of rapid social, economic, political and technological change, Seneca is at the forefront of providing student-focused teaching and learning that is redefining how people think about postsecondary education.

Our programs are increasingly in demand, always evolving to meet market needs. Our Academic Plan’s emphasis on core literacies – including critical thinking, problem-solving, communications, collaboration and leadership – prepares students for success and a lifetime of learning.

Strategic Objectives

Our 2012-2017 Strategic Plan is the result of extensive consultation with students and employees across Seneca’s campuses, as well as with partners and community members. The consultation process included a college-wide survey, multiple town hall meetings and one-on-one interviews, an environmental scan and many discussions with the Board of Governors.

Seneca’s three strategic objectives are:

  • Great Teaching and Learning
  • Great Student Experiences
  • Great Foundations

Seneca’s key indicators include:

  • Core Literacies
  • Innovative Partnerships
  • Cross-disciplinary, Experiential and Flexible Learning
  • Integrated Student Services
  • Smart Growth
  • i3 – Information, Integration and Innovation

We’re building a different kind of school with a different kind of graduate.