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1. Core Literacies

In five years, every Seneca graduate will demonstrate competency in the Seneca Core Literacies.

Initiatives for 2016-17 Performance indicators/ measurable outcomes End-of-Year Status Update
Enhance approach to student orientation in full-time programs to focus on key components that new, incoming students need to know for success in their studies. Inside the classroom orientation includes modularized components of Introduction to Seneca Studies course. Orientation activities extended throughout the first semester in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering Technology and Seneca Business with “just-in-time” information provided to students.
Outside of the classroom orientation programming enhanced to support new in-class programming. Provided an institution-wide coordinated approach to orientation over the first two weeks of the fall and winter semesters, with an increase in overall activities offered by a wider range of service areas. A website was launched to support orientation programming.
Map core literacies in Seneca full-time programs. Core literacies mapped with online exemplars in one program (at minimum) in each school. Core literacies mapped in one school in each Faculty with exemplars for each core literacy made available online in FY2017-18.