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Great Foundations

Initiatives for 2016-17 Performance indicators/ measurable outcomes End-of-Year Status Update
Enhance information technology infrastructure, including network equipment and operational systems. Existing wireless network upgraded to further enhance the performance, capabilities and availability. Wireless network infrastructure upgraded at all campuses.
Telephone systems at Newmarket and Scarborough campuses upgraded to enhance integration with Seneca telephone solution and expanded ability to use Seneca five-digit extensions. Telephone systems at Newmarket and Scarborough campuses integrated with main Seneca telephone network.
Continue to build a culture of philanthropy to support Seneca students. At least $520,000 in renewable funds raised through annual fundraising appeals in support of Campaign for Students and United Way. Gifts received from Seneca staff, alumni and community members through events, personal solicitations and direct mail appeals.
Central resource for tracking new funding opportunities across the institution developed by fall 2016. Grant Tracker requires further consultation with user groups to increase usability across many faculties. Launch scheduled for FY2017-18.
Expand Seneca’s brand awareness and profile to support key performance indicators. First-choice applications increased including improved performance of recently launched programs. First-choice applications for FASET programs and international applications Seneca-wide increased.
Complete master brand positioning exercise to launch a new communications platform by fall 2016. Initial research and strategic development completed. Launch rescheduled for fall 2017 to coincide with the launch of the new Strategic and Academic plans.
Implement new Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Policy and Protocols. Review completed of current Seneca policies to ensure alignment with new protocols by December 2016. Amendments to the policy and protocol completed and approved by the BoG and SEC.
Review institutional policies and procedures to ensure strategic risks are effectively managed. Policy audit and development updates completed in preparation for submission to Ontario College Quality Assurance Service (OCQAS) by December 2016. Policy audit of academic policies submitted to OCQAS.
Audit and review of institutional policies and procedures completed by June 2016. Policy template developed and approved by March 2017. Policy template developed and approved. Audit and dissemination of institutional policies to be completed by December 2017.
Improve internal processes, procedures and reporting tied to facilities management and capital planning. RFPs issued to potential Vendors of Record (VORs) for usage of consultants, general contractors and tradespeople. VORs established for office and lounge furniture suppliers; snow clearing and ice management services contract finalized; preferred proponents for architectural & interior design services and engineering & cost estimation services VORs identified and contractual requirements in development.
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) developed and implemented for each division across Seneca. College Access Control SOP implemented. SOPs for preventive maintenance of critical facilities systems to be entered in the PeopleSoft Maintenance Management module in FY2017-18.
Deliver enhanced and integrated resources and supports to Seneca staff and faculty. Phase II rollout of New Human Resources Information System (HRIS) modules completed. ePerformance module launched in first quarter for administrators’ performance review process.
Review of HR processes completed. Review of HR processes completed.
Workforce health and safety monitoring module launched. Needs assessment and request for information completed. Module launch planned for FY2017-18.
Enhance data-driven decision-making across the institution. Integrated KPI data dashboard to support sustainable growth developed. Institutional Research and ITS currently developing proof of concept and determining implementation timeline for new data dashboard.