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Great Student Experiences

Initiatives for 2016-17 Performance indicators/ measurable outcomes End-of-Year Status Update
Launch Virtual Newcomers’ Centre to engage newer immigrants and professionally-trained individuals. Web-based Virtual Newcomers’ Centre launched. Research is ongoing and requires continued assessment.
Enhance student housing offerings. Renovations and improvements to Newnham and King residences completed by September 2016. Room renovations to Newnham and King residences completed.
Continue planning for new and enhanced Student Life facilities at the Newnham Campus. Functional space planning process completed and plans developed to implement recommendations. Functional space planning process for Newnham Campus completed. First iteration of blocking and stacking completed for entire building, including athletics and Seneca Student Federation (SSF) areas.
Renovation of Student Health Centre completed by August 2016. Renovations completed.
Improve student study spaces across Seneca campuses. Enhanced ‘wired’ study carrels made available to Seneca students. Enhanced study carrels installed and made available to Seneca students at Newnham and Seneca@York libraries.