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Great Teaching and Learning

Initiatives for 2016-17 Performance indicators/ measurable outcomes End-of-Year Status Update
Develop proposals for new program offerings. 10 new program proposals developed and approved by Senior Executive Committee (SEC) and presented to the Board of Governors (BoG). Program proposals for Honours Bachelor of Interactive Media and Design and Honours Bachelor of Communications and Media degrees being finalized for submission to MAESD.
Develop curriculum and implement new programs. Five new programs ready for launch pending Ministry approval. The Honours Bachelor of Commerce – Marketing, Honours Bachelor of Healthcare Management, Honours Bachelor Technology Management, Honours Bachelor of Crime and Intelligence Analytics and Personal Support Worker ready for launch pending Ministry approval.
Refresh and review existing program offerings. 17 summative program reviews completed. 16 summative reviews completed with one outstanding given the program was moved from one faculty to another for better alignment – Underwater Skills program moved from the Faculty of Applied Arts and Health Sciences (FAAHS) to the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering Technology (FASET).
Formative reviews for 75 programs completed. 64 of 68 programs completed formative reviews.
Self-study summative reviews for six degree programs completed. Self-study reviews completed for: 
  • Honours Bachelor of Commerce – International Business Management
  • Honours Bachelor of Commerce – Business Management
  • Honours Bachelor of Commerce – International Accounting and Finance
  • Honours Bachelor of Commerce – Financial Services Management
  • Honours Bachelor of Commerce – Human Resources Strategy and Technology
  • Honours Bachelor of Technology – Informatics and Security
Strengthen first-semester retention rates. Evaluate success of retention action plans for low-performing programs and next steps determined. Academic advisers hired in all academic faculties. Seven additional advisers to be hired in FY2017-18.
Implement new faculty development framework in half of all academic schools. New faculty development process implemented in 10 academic schools. New faculty development process implemented in 12 academic schools.
Online modules for each Teaching Standard of Practice launched. Online modules for each Teaching Standard of Practice developed and launched.
Increase number of applied research initiatives. Applied research opportunities in partnership with 30 new industry partners. Office of Applied Research and Innovation (ARI) developed new applied research opportunities in partnership with 77 new industry partners.
Applied Research Project Showcase held at each major campus. ARI will host an Applied Research Project Showcase annually, with the first event taking place at Newnham Campus in April 2017.
One faculty-led research initiative per academic faculty launched. Seven faculty-led research initiatives launched in:
  • Faculty of Communication, Art and Design (three)
  • FAAHS (two)
  • FASET (one)
  • Seneca Business (one)
Applied Research-led awareness building workshop held. Eight workshops – two per Faculty – held. An additional general session with new topics to be held at each of the four major campuses in spring 2017.
Increase federal and provincial support for applied research in identified areas of expertise. 10 new research grant applications submitted with 50 per cent success rate achieved. Seven of eight grant applications submitted were funded.  
Continue strategic approach to international education recruitment and initiatives. Number of partner organizations for study/volunteer abroad program increased by five, targeting one new partner in Africa, the Americas, Australia, Asia and Europe. New partnerships created in South Africa, Brazil, China, Vietnam, Denmark and Germany. New agreements being confirmed with partners in Colombia and Chile, with partnering efforts in development in Tanzania and Australia.
Five new international markets entered into as part of the diversification recruitment strategy, targeting one new country in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Active recruitment has begun in 10 new markets around the world.
Five ongoing multi-year projects in place with an additional two projects in negotiation phase.  Multi-year projects and contracts in place in Mozambique, Tanzania, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Colombia, India and China. Proposals in negotiation for Suriname and Kenya.
Central tracking system for student and faculty study/work abroad opportunities implemented by December 2016. Vendor selected and platform scheduled for launch in August 2017.
Enhance processes and practices on assessment, testing and English course content. Process mapping commenced by December 2016. Investigate strategies for enhancing English/communication courses by December 2016. Process mapping completed. English and Liberal Studies (ELS) committee formed with regular meetings and organizational site developed. Outcomes and objectives of English/communication courses revised, with feedback collected for evaluation.