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6. i3 – Information, Integration and Innovation

In five years, we will have an integrated enterprise system in place to support streamlined business processes and improved services across student, financial and human resources systems.

Initiatives for 2016-17 Performance indicators/ measurable outcomes End-of-Year Status Update
Ensure i3 core modules are optimized and integrated into college operations and processes. i3 Student system enhanced to provide full mobile student experience. Initial roll-out scheduled for May 2016. Seneca mobile app launched to all students.
Existing Class Scheduling system upgraded, enterprise level scheduling capabilities implemented and real time integration with Student System established. Existing Class Scheduling system upgraded. Enterprise scheduling capability implemented.
New improved multi-channel campaign management functionality for CRM system implemented. Vendor selected and launched as the software platform. Implementation and expansion will continue over the next year.
i3 student system stabilization and optimization completed. Critical improvements implemented. Further system improvements are ongoing to optimize usage of the i3 enterprise resource planning system.
i3 Human Resources system redesigned for improved user experience. eSignature integration for part-time contract module in development. Sun Life interface implemented. Employee directory launched.
i3 Budget Tool and Budget Display systems redesigned for improved user experience. Redesign of i3 Budget Tool and Budget Display systems completed.
Faculty of Continuing Education and Training (FCET) website redesigned and enhanced. Due to extended scope of research stage for website redesign, project will be completed in FY2017-18.