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4. Integrated Student Services

In five years, every Seneca student will have access to ongoing and integrated advisory opportunities starting from their first contact to the day they graduate.

Initiatives for 2016-17 Performance indicators/ measurable outcomes End-of-Year Status Update
Implement new student advising model. New student advising model launched in all full-time faculties, including development of evaluation by January 2017. All full-time faculties adopted new model, with a full complement of advisers in place by summer 2017. Evaluation methodology developed.
Enhance service offerings for students. Phase Two completed of new integrated student service model including implementation of automated queuing system. In April 2017, Customer Service Project will launch at Newnham Campus, implementing a new line management and ticketing system for front-end student experience.
Plan developed by Service Advisory Committee to support new service organizational structure. Plan developed to support a new faculty-based student advising model and Customer Service project.