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Great Foundations

Initiatives for 2017-18 Performance indicators/measurable outcomes
To be achieved by March 2018 (unless otherwise stated)
Develop new Strategic and Academic Plans and Strategic Mandate Agreement. Strategic and Academic Plans approved by the Board of Governors and 2017-2020 Strategic Mandate Agreement submitted to MAESD.
Enhance data-driven decision-making across the institution. Integrated Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data dashboard and implementation timeline developed.
KPI Student Satisfaction survey engagement strategy implemented, focusing on improving data collection processes, visibility and collaboration.
Implement enhanced academic technology and mobile app. On-demand academic resource streaming and lecture-capture technology implemented.
New features implemented in mobile app.
Continue sustainable approach to facilities management and capital planning. New multi-year capital, operational, waste management and energy management plans developed.
Ensure compliance with government legislation related to sexual violence and harassment, human rights and accommodations for students with mental health. Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence policy reporting completed and compliant with legislation as it is rolled-out by the government. Ontario Human Rights Commission recommendations implemented.
Continue to build culture of philanthropy to support Seneca students. $7.41 million in cash and new pledges obtained through major gifts, affinity and annual fundraising appeals.
Alumni engagement increased through mentorship programs, outreach, events and networking opportunities.
Legacy Society launched for recognition of planned giving donors.
Expand Seneca’s brand awareness and profile to support recruitment activities, benefitting enrolment, retention, reputation building and community engagement. Outreach to direct and non-direct markets increased, including expanding visits to cover Greater Toronto and Hamilton Areas, junior grades and newcomer centres.
Opportunities for prospective students to visit campuses increased, including enhancing campus tours, organizing activities to experience specific programs/schools and departments.
Seneca’s new master brand launched.
Seneca website redesigned.
Evidence-based retention action plan implemented.
Academic and service orientation programs enhanced and implemented.
Review institutional policies and procedures to ensure strategic risks are effectively managed. Seneca-wide policy audit completed and forward-facing online database developed.
Deliver enhanced and integrated resources and supports to Seneca staff and faculty. Phase III rollout of Human Resources Information System (HRIS) modules completed.
Seneca-wide diversity plan executed, with training for administrators and community events held.
Plans and strategies developed to address issues identified in the Employee Engagement Survey.
Chair Orientation and Management Foundations programs launched.
New emergency response plans launched and campus security enhancements implemented.