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Great Teaching and Learning

Initiatives for 2017-18 Performance indicators/measurable outcomes
To be achieved by March 2018 (unless otherwise stated)
Refresh and review existing program offerings. 13 summative program and 60 formative reviews completed.
Increase federal and provincial support for, and expand engagement in, applied research. 10 new externally-funded research grants received and Industry Advisory Board established.
50 new ventures accelerated through the Health, Entrepreneurship and Lifestyle Xchange (HELIX) and Summer Institute pilot implemented.
Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Showcase held.
Enhance General Education and Liberal Studies (ELS) course development to provide consistency and high standards for the ELS curriculum.  New course development process and framework implemented and scaled to all ELS projects.
Continue strategic approach to international recruitment and contract training initiatives. Ongoing diversification recruitment strategy expanded into two new countries.
Multi-year training project bid submitted in partnership with Colleges and Institutes Canada and Global Affairs Canada.
Contracts negotiated and developed for long-term overseas consultancy and a short-term Ontario-based training program.