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Great Foundations

Seneca has strong foundations, with faculty and staff who care deeply that we continuously make learning and working here even better.  It is through these foundations that we will support great teaching and learning and great student experiences.

A different kind of school built on the foundations of its people and environment will:

  • Foster an inspiring culture. More than buildings, state-of-the art equipment or technology, what makes any organization unique is its culture.  In all we do, from our hiring process to the way in which we welcome students to Seneca, we are guided by our values and beliefs. Our culture is founded on a pride in our college and a strong commitment to communications, to openness and to providing a respectful working and learning environment.
  • Support talented people. Already recognized as a leading employer in the Greater Toronto Area, Seneca is committed to helping our faculty and staff grow and learn. Our leadership training and employee development opportunities will help nurture our next generation of leaders and keep staff skills current and fresh.   
  • Provide modern high-quality infrastructure. Our Campus Master Plans outline a clear vision for the future of Seneca’s infrastructure and are linked to our smart growth strategy. We will continue to focus on creating modern environments so that our students have opportunities to learn and collaborate in inspiring spaces with access to cutting-edge equipment.  Equally important is our ongoing project to transform our enterprise systems to better support students and employees.
  • Integrate planning. We will implement new planning processes to ensure that in everything from risk management to enrolment growth management, we have the tools we need to be successful. The result will be more effectively integrated planning processes across our faculties and departments.
  • Recognize the importance of strong relationships. Seneca’s network is ever expanding. Our international students and alumni are excellent ambassadors for Seneca and have an important role to play in helping us grow our international partnerships. We are committed to working with our college and university partners on expanding transfer opportunities for students, and to working closely with our government partners to help support their priorities. We will continue to make significant contributions through our fundraising campaigns to support both Seneca and external initiatives. We understand that when we invest in our community, our community will invest in us.
  • Maximize our investments and expand our revenue sources. Given that the next decade will be characterized by constrained government resources, we will need to actively seek out new partnerships and alternative revenue sources. A strategic approach to partnership development and philanthropy will create stronger connections with industry and alumni to help grow our endowment and will underpin the development of Seneca’s future capital campaigns. Changing demographics also mean that we will need to continuously assess our activities and locations to ensure value for service and their alignment with our strategic priorities.