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Great Student Experiences

Great student experiences make a difference.  They help to attract and keep the dedicated, focused, high-quality students who are proud of their Seneca education.  They build strong community while at Seneca, and relationships that create lasting networks after graduation.  That’s why we are focused on helping our students to succeed, both while they’re with us and on the paths they choose after Seneca.

A different kind of school, putting students at the centre will:

  • Provide great options and pathways. Our students come with a variety of goals – fulfilling a childhood dream of a career, preparing for further education, or finding a new career. Others are unsure of where their Seneca experience can take them, or find their aspirations change. To meet the range of needs, we will continue to build a comprehensive set of advising services from pre-application through to graduation, providing guidance on how to match programs and pathways with interests and skills. For our graduates, whether they are seeking immediate employment or planning to continue their education, we’ll help with career services, credit transfer, networking opportunities and connections to alumni.
  • Deliver integrated and relevant services. The services we offer and how we deliver them make a difference to student experience and retention. We will continue to consult with our students on the supports that matter to them most. We’ll provide the services our students tell us they need and how they need them. From tutoring to mentoring, from First Generation to Aboriginal student services, from mental health counselling to first-year transition supports, we will coordinate access to student services through single points of entry both online and in-person.
  • Build connections inside and outside the classroom. Helping our students to succeed is everyone’s business. With academic and service areas working together, we will provide students with an increased and holistic level of support. Through an early alert system, students facing challenges in their programs will be connected to the appropriate supports. By expanding our successful mentoring program, all students will have an opportunity to be supported by upper-year students who can help offer advice about how to successfully balance academic achievement with the many other commitments our students have.
  • Provide opportunities to get involved and contribute. Beyond their academic and experiential commitments, our students benefit from opportunities to engage and contribute outside the classroom as well. From mentoring to athletics, from student government to volunteering and from student clubs to leadership activities, Seneca will expand opportunities for experiences that are meaningful to our students while they’re with us and highly prized by employers and other postsecondary schools when they graduate.
  • Partner with students. Our students bring an irreplaceable energy and an incredible spirit to each of our campuses. They represent Seneca in the community and in workplaces around the globe. We will continue to seek their insight and opinions on their experiences both inside and outside of the classroom, and value their partnership in achieving our goals.
  • Celebrate our achievements. Seneca students, faculty and staff are doing and achieving amazing things. From winning Academy Awards to developing world-renowned open source software to crowning athletic champions, we have much to be proud of. We will continue to foster a culture of celebration and excellence that validates the choice that students make by coming to Seneca.