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Great Teaching and Learning

Our bold and ambitious Academic Plan infuses every Seneca credential with a consistent yet differentiated excellence across each of our program areas. Working with our industry partners and program advisory committees, we will continue to entrench and deepen our focus in our areas of specialty, including continuing to expand our suite of graduate certificates and degrees to meet student and employer demand and create stronger pathways to and from other postsecondary institutions.

As the demand grows for our programs, our status as a first-rank institution will be strengthened. We will improve our graduation and retention rates while maintaining our high academic standards. We already play a leadership role in student mobility in the postsecondary system through our many pathways to and from universities and colleges. We will grow those pathways, creating more links to top-tier universities and collaborating on joint programs, whether online or at one of Seneca’s campuses. We will be the preferred partner of colleges seeking to provide their students opportunities for transfer and advanced diplomas.

Seneca remains committed to promoting access to postsecondary education through a range of foundational programs for non-traditional students who demonstrate both commitment and potential to enter Seneca’s postsecondary credentials.

A different kind of school will produce a Seneca graduate with distinctive qualities: highly attractive to employers; ethical, engaged and confident; and, adaptable and capable of addressing the challenges of the future in a global context.

We’ll achieve this by creating a teaching and learning environment that:

  • Brings cross-disciplinary learning to our global classroom. Enhancing our combination of academic rigour and applied learning, Seneca will be a leader in cross-disciplinary curriculum, networking through partnerships and bringing a global perspective to our programs. All of our students will be provided with an experiential learning opportunity during their time at Seneca.
  • Teaches the core literacies that are essential to success. Beyond the traditional definitions of literacy, we will ensure that graduates from every program have the broad range of skills that are key to success: communication, problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration. These are among the Seneca Core Literacies that equip our graduates with the skills to navigate change at work and in society.
  • Is creative and flexible in the way we deliver learning. Today’s learners need flexibility. While maintaining the highest academic standards and requirements, we will challenge and change the learning structures of the past. As a recognized champion of educational pathways, we will continue to create dynamic and flexible opportunities to learn within and beyond the classroom, online and face-to-face, across full-time and part-time programs.
  • Commits to teaching excellence. Seneca has passionate, inspiring faculty who are respected experts in their fields. Our faculty members bring unique experiences and styles to help students learn. We will continue to foster teaching of the highest quality, and offer support and resources for faculty to be effective and innovative in their unique approaches to inspire our students.
  • Collaborates and builds linkages. We will continue to create opportunities to exchange ideas and build networks within our school and among our students, our alumni, our local community and the world. Seneca’s extensive network of partnerships will help students and faculty to collaborate with external organizations and industries. Our approach to applied research will help ensure our courses provide opportunities for students to be engaged on the frontline of industry innovation.
  • Reaches beyond our borders. Seneca brings together students, faculty and staff from around the world with life experiences and perspectives that create a rich environment where everyone learns from each other. We will complement our extensive international student community by helping Canadian students and faculty enrich their own experiences, providing more work, volunteer and study abroad opportunities.