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The Future of Seneca: Our Strategic Objectives

Seneca faces a challenging fiscal environment with dynamic student, employee and stakeholder needs. Our strategic objectives and priorities for the next five years are designed within the context of those realities.

Our plan is the result of extensive consultation with students and employees across Seneca’s campuses, as well as with partners and community members. This consultation process included a college-wide survey, multiple town hall meetings and one-on-one interviews, an environmental scan and many discussions at the Board of Governors. We also reviewed the results of other surveys conducted in the past two years at Seneca, such as the Employee Engagement Survey and the Student Recruitment and Support Project.

Our campus master planning process reached out to our local communities to engage them in a dialogue about Seneca’s current and future role. We spoke to municipal and regional representatives and to our donors and alumni. We sat down with thought leaders, industry partners and members of our Program Advisory Committees to understand how Seneca can be a different kind of school with a different kind of graduate.

Our objectives are directly linked to Seneca’s business and operational planning processes through which detailed timelines, accountabilities and metrics will be assigned to each priority.

  • One in three Seneca students are the first in their family to pursue postsecondary education.
  • 40% of full-time students have a different first language than English.
  • 46% of full-time students have attended college or university before coming to Seneca.
  • 70% of Continuing Education students possess a degree or diploma.
  • Seneca students receive hundreds of bursaries and scholarships awarded each year from the College and its partners.