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Guidelines of what to do in case of fire can be different depending on your location. The links to the left explain the guidelines for each campus/location.

General Fire Safety Instructions

  • Never assume a fire alarm is only a drill
  • Never continue teaching classes while the alarm is sounding
  • Always leave the building immediately by the nearest exit
  • Help those who require assistance outside or to a Refuge Site
  • Never use an elevator while any fire alarm is sounding
  • Close, but don’t lock the doors on your way out of classrooms or offices
  • Advise students to take their belongings
  • Check doors for heat. If hot to the touch – DO NOT OPEN
  • If smoke is encountered, use alternate stairs or return to your room/suite
  • Familiarize yourself with the location of stairs, exits and pull stations
  • Remain calm

Remember, just because you can’t see flames or smell smoke doesn’t mean there isn’t an emergency situation that requires immediate evacuation.

Evacuation Wardens

Evacuation Wardens are staff volunteers who assist in ensuring a quick building evacuation. These individuals can be identified by their reflective yellow vests. Please follow their directives during a building evacuation.

Emergency Stickers

Human Resources can provide you with a sticker that details the emergency procedures for your campus. Affix the sticker near your telephone for quick reference. If you need a new sticker it can be requested by e-mail.

Fire Safety Links

Know Fire
The website,, includes important information for students.

Fire safety information for students living away from home.