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Seneca@York Campus - Stephen E. Quinlan Building

emergency sticker
Request a copy of this Emergency Procedures sticker

How the fire alarm system works:

Seneca@York - SEQ Building is equipped with a two-stage fire alarm system. The first stage is a slow pulse alarm. This is an alert only. All activity is to cease while authorities investigate, but the building does not require evacuation. You should however, prepare yourself to evacuate by saving computer work etc. Await further instructions via the emergency speaker system.

The slow pulse alarm will either be cancelled, or a fast pulse alarm will sound. A fast pulse is a full evacuation alarm. Immediately evacuate the building by the nearest exit. Once outside, you will receive further instructions.

Refuge Sites

Refuge Sites have been established for those requiring assistance in the event of a building evacuation. Proceed to one of these rooms (the nearest) when the full evacuation alarm sounds. Refuge Site Monitors and Security Officers will assist you. In addition, each location is equipped with an emergency telephone that is directly connected to campus security and location detection capablilties.

  • Second Floor: At lounge near elevator
  • Third Floor: At lounge near elevator

Emergency Telephones:

Seneca@York is equipped with emergency telephones that are directly connected to College Security. They provide automatic detection of your location. You will find these wall-mounted telephones at various locations around the campus. Contact College Security for further details.

In case of fire: Activate the nearest fire alarm pull station and evacuate the building using the nearest exit.