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Accessibility Concerns/Refuge Sites

Seneca College is committed to ensuring that community members can evacuate safely in the event of an emergency. Please let your supervisor/manager or professor know if you need assistance of any kind to evacuate the building in an emergency.

An evacuation plan can be developed that may help you remain safe. For example, arrangements may be made for a colleague to volunteer as your ‘buddy’ in the event of an evacuation. In an emergency situation, your buddy may escort you to a previously designated safe area on your floor. City of Toronto firefighters will then evacuate persons at risk that are waiting in these designated area

Refuge Sites

Refuge Sites have been established by the College for non-ambulatory persons and those requiring assistance in the event of a building evacuation. Proceed to the nearest Refuge Site location when the evacuation alarm sounds. Evacuation Wardens and Security will be monitoring the Refuge Sites during a building evacuation and can provide assistance. You can familiarize yourself with the refuge site locations at each campus by reviewing the fire procedures on the Safety and Security website.