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8. Grades and Examinations (1968)

8.1 Grading Policy

Around 1968 all subjects offered by the College are graded or designated as follows:

1. Final Grades

Description Grade   Grade Number
Consistently Outstanding Achievement 75% - 100% A 4
Consistently Above Average Achievement 66% - 74% B 3
Acceptable or Average Achievement 56% - 65% C 2
Below Average Achievement 50% - 55% D 1
Unacceptable Achievement or Failure in Subject 0% - 49% F 0

Graduation Grade Point Average

The graduation grade point average shall be calculated on the basis of the grades earned in each semester subject.
A student must obtain a minimum grade point average of 1.7 to graduate with a Seneca College Diploma.
Students who obtain a grade point average between 3 and 3.49 shall be designated "Graduated with Honours". Students who obtain a grade point average of 3.5 or greater shall be designated "Graduated with High Honours".