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8. Grades and Examinations (Prior to September 1, 1989)

8.1 Grading Policy

Prior to September 1, 1989 all subjects offered by the College are graded or designated as follows:

1. Final Grades

A+ Consistently Outstanding Achievement (with Distinction) A(D)
A Outstanding Achievement
B Achievement of all the prescribed competencies
C Achievement of a defined proportion of the prescribed competencies
D Marginal Achievement (See Note (#) below)
F Unacceptable Achievement - No Supplemental Privilege
D(S) D Grade with Supplemental Privilege
F(S) F Grade with Supplemental Privilege
DNW Did Not Write
DNW(S) Did Not Write, with Supplemental Privilege
DNA Did Not Attend
* DNC Did Not Complete a Semester Subject
* INC Incomplete
* ADV Advanced Standing
* EXM Exemption
* AEG Aegrotat Standing
* *** Officially Withdrew from the College
* SAT Satisfactory
* UNSAT Unsatisfactory
* ATT Special Interest - Attendance Satisfactory


(#) May be ruled an insufficient level of achievement in specified competencies required for graduation, in which case the Chair of the Promotion Committee shall supply details of the requirements for upgrading to the necessary standard by way of a comment on the Student Academic Record.

* Does not affect the Grade Point Average.