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11. Program Change

11.1 Change of Program

A Seneca student who has completed requirements for a particular program through study in one area of the College may apply to transfer to another area of the College in order to obtain a credential. On receipt of such an application it shall be the responsibility of the receiving College Official to determine the amount of equivalent credit that can be granted towards the new credential, in accordance with the College's policy on equivalency of credit.

Full-time students' requests to transfer between programs in different areas and requests to transfer between programs within the same area must be made to the Registrar's Office. Students requesting a program transfer to an academic level higher than one must complete the form available from the Registrar's Office. All requests to transfer from one program to another must be made well in advance of the term in which the requested transfer, if granted, is to become effective.

Students are advised that the prescribed courses of one program may not meet the graduation requirements of another. Consultation with the course coordinator is recommended before approval of the transfer.

All requests for a change in program to an academic level higher than one, must be submitted in writing to the Registrar's Office during the first ten days of scheduled classes and approval must be documented on the appropriate change form. Students who wish to apply for an academic level one must submit an Application for Admission to

11.2 Discontinuing a Course

A student who wishes to discontinue a course and have it deleted from his/her academic record must complete a Withdrawal Form, obtain an authorizing signature from the School, and submit it to the Registrar's Office within the following timelines:

  • Full-Time or Part-Time Day Students - before the tenth day of scheduled classes. Withdrawal after the tenth day but before the Final Withdrawal Date as published by the Registrar will result in the grade designation "DNC" on the student academic record. Note that the grade designation of "DNC" does not affect the grade point average.
  • Part-Time Students - refer to Appendix A.

11.3 Program Cancellations or Changes

Seneca College is constantly surveying employment opportunities and revising and updating its programs accordingly. If at any time it becomes clear to the College that employment prospects for any program are limited or for any other compelling reason related to a College offering, the College reserves the right to replace, up-date, defer, limit or cancel such program/courses offerings. The College reserves the right to revise or replace certain term courses, or sections of them.