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14. Transfers and Withdrawals

14.1 Transfer from Another Institution

Applicants to Seneca College, who have successfully undertaken part of the diploma or degree requirements of other institutions, may, by prior written agreement, complete their program of studies for that institution through Seneca College. An Application for Admission should be submitted to

14.2 Mandatory Withdrawal from the College

A Promotion Meeting, regularly or specially convened, may recommend to the Dean, or designate, that a student be required to withdraw from the College. Such a College-initiated requirement may be made before the normal completion date of a course or program. The basis of mandatory withdrawal may be a student's behaviour; and/or attendance; and/or performance; where one or all of these are detrimental to the learning process, or disruptive to the aims and objectives of the College. The unexpended portion of fees may be rebated.

14.3 Voluntary Withdrawal from the College

A student who wishes to withdraw from the College must notify the Registrar's Office in writing to be eligible for appropriate academic standing and fees refund where applicable. See Appendix A. The official date of withdrawal for grading and refund purposes will be the date on which the student’s letter of withdrawal is received in the Registrar’s Office.