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Appendix B: Library Policies: General Statement

  • All students, faculty and staff of Seneca College will have access to the library's collections with full borrowing privileges. Library policies are written with the intent of giving all users fair access to library materials and to make the best educational use of these materials.
  • The library reserves the right to charge fines for overdue books and periodicals. Prolonged delinquency may result in suspension of borrower privileges.
  • The library will charge for lost items. 
  • A minimum fine of $50 may be imposed for attempted theft or vandalism of library resources. In severe cases, prosecution may result.
  • A schedule of all library fines and fees will be posted on the Seneca Libraries website and will be updated from time to time.
  • In line with College objectives in serving the community, print resources may be loaned to registered adult community borrowers. The library reserves the right to charge a community borrower's fee. Items considered of high priority for classroom or student use will not be loaned to community borrowers.
  • Each student receives a Seneca identification card and is held responsible for material borrowed with his/her card. The card is not transferable. Use of the card acknowledges the right of the College to impose penalties and/or sanctions for misuse of the card, abuse of Seneca College property, or failure to return College property.