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Academic Policy: What's New

This chart summarizes changes in Academic Policy for 2015-2016.

Section Revisions
4.3 Advanced Standing/Transfer Credit Significant amendments to wording.
4.4 Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Significant The PLA Facilitator will provide information on the procedure for PLA.
7.3 Electronic Devices and Recording of Classes Significant amendments to wording.
8.1 Grading Policy Significant amendments.
8.2 Grade Point Average Significant amendments.
8.3 The President's Honour List (PHL) Significant President's Honour List standing is granted to students registered in a full-time course load for the term who have achieved a grade point average of 4.0.
8.9 Maximum "D" Grades Significant amendments.
Appendix A. II: For Part-time students withdrawing from a course in the Faculty of Continuing Education and Training Significant amendments.
Appendix E: Procedures for Enforcement Academic Honesty Significant amendments to wording of withdrawal deadlines.

Students are reminded that Academic Policy applies to all programs offered by Seneca College.

While the College makes every effort to ensure that students are aware of any changes to Academic Policy, please note that Academic Policy is subject to change without notice.