More options to study accounting (full-time and part-time), more ways to pursue the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation and CPA’s Advanced Certificate in Accounting & Finance, more pathways to degrees and graduate certificates, and more recognition by accounting professional bodies than any other Ontario College. More than 2200 full-time students and several hundred part-time students register in accounting and finance related programs at Seneca each term.

Practiced in many different fields from film and television, non-profit organizations, consumer products, education, information technology, among many others – accounting offers many career possibilities.

Seneca’s School of Accounting & Financial Services’ Professional Accountancy (ACY) program, recently received national accreditation from CPA. Seneca is the only college in Canada with accounting programming that has received national accreditation.


A Range of Programs

Select from 1-year to 4-year programs based on your career goals.

Certificates (1-Year Programs)

Graduate Certificates (1-Year Programs)

Certificate at the Graduate Level

Diplomas (2-Year Programs)

Advanced Diplomas (3-Year Programs)

Honours Bachelor of Commerce Degrees (4-Year Programs)