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Booking & preparing for appointments

To meet with one of our liaison officers, you can call 416.491.4660 to leave a message or send us an email.

Before the meeting, we encourage all students (current and prospective) to take our online assessment (click on the Take a longer assessment button). Also, you should write down your questions ahead of time, and do preliminary research on potential areas of study.

Please note: For the online assessment, we request that you create a free account online so that you can save and discuss your results with us during your appointment. You will only need to provide your name and email address, and you do not need to be a Seneca student.


Contact us

General Inquiries & Appointment Booking


Alecia Swaby

416.491.5050 ext. 26574

Denise Williams

416.491.5050 ext. 22886

Judy Pattison

416.491.5050 ext. 26701