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Class of 1979

Dagmar Schoenrock (BAD '79)

Dagmar Schoenrock

Dagmar is an internationally recognized Vegan Distant Healer. She studied both Business Administration and Holistic Health at Seneca College and then furthered her training in Reiki, Pranic Healing, Meridian Energy Technique, Hypnotherapy, and Reconnective Healing. Her business is named “Mrs. Greenjeans Plants Seeds”, as she believes in green living.

Dagmar specializes in helping vegans and other socially conscious individuals who are passionate about wanting to make the world a better place. Her passion is to help you live your life with more grace, peace, and serenity by shifting towards more compassion for yourself.

She was selected to be an author of “The Authorities” book series where she has written a chapter on The Vegan Lifestyle Solution. Dagmar offers one-on-one sessions, meditation classes, and a variety of workshops on healthy lifestyles, the chakras, and even Feng Shui. She has produced a Peaceful Eating MP3 and other meditations that can be downloaded from her website