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Class of 1982

Catherine Mayers (BScN '82)

Catherine Mayers

Catherine is a registered nurse at Princess Margaret Hospital and a professor specializing in cancer patient care. As a student, Mayers realized she wanted to focus on helping patients with cancer and caring for the terminally ill. She became an oncology and palliative care specialist and has worked at Princess Margaret for the past 30 years and taught at Seneca for the past 11 years. A published author and respected commentator, Mayers has served on the board for the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario and as president of the Provincial Nurse Educators Interest Group.

Anna Baranowsky (ORT '82)

Anna Baranowsky

Along with her Seneca education, Anna graduated with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Ottawa. She runs the Traumatology Institute in Canada and is the best-selling author of Trauma Practice.

Anna is also the developer of the cutting edge Trauma Recovery Program, an online self-guided care program for trauma survivors. & For episodes of "Ask Dr. Anna" visit


Luisa Moniz-Fitzner (LIT '82)

Luisa Moniz-Fitzner

Luisa graduated with honours from the Library and Information Technician program. She has worked for various types of libraries including the former Etobicoke Public Library system for eight years. She then worked for a ministry library and from there went to work for a non-profit association library for 19 years.

Luisa worked for a law library, and the Mississauga Public Library system prior to starting her own business, Luisa's Loose-Leaf Filing Services, which she started in 2012. She currently has 3 law firm libraries as her clients. She assists with the loose-leaf filing of their legal materials along with other projects as required.

Her website can be visited at