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Class of 1992

Sandra Feldman

Sandra Feldman

Dr. Sandra Feldman has had an interest in acting, theatre and film, but had no background or knowledge in these fields. In 1992, she was on a maternity leave from her career as a physician and decided to take a few acting courses. Since then, she co-wrote and co-directed A Touch of Grey with Ian Mah in 2009. Please Kill Mr. Know It All is her latest feature that she's written and co-directed.

Cynical Sally lives a life free of excitement and romance. And that’s just the way she likes it. She makes ends meet ghostwriting a local advice column under the pseudonym "Mr. Know-It-All". But, after a celebrity endorsement turns her column into an overnight success, the newspaper requests a photo of the author from her agent. Sally decides to submit a sketch of Albert, a handsome stranger she spots in a movie theatre who just so happens to be a contract killer. Once the picture is published, Albert cannot walk down the street without being recognized. He decides he must kill Mr. Know-It-All.

Angelo Morano (ILTC '92)

Angelo Morano

With over 20 years of experience in graphic design, Angelo is a skilled professional who excels in both creative and management roles. At Joseph Mimran and Associates, Angelo was recruited to create and manage the packaging of two of Canada’s most recognized brands, JOE FRESH and President’s Choice.

Before joining JM&A, Angelo was a Senior Designer at Loblaw Brands where he developed packaging design for Loblaw’s leading private label food programs. He was honoured for excellence in design with the Mobius Advertising Award, the London International Advertising Award, Packaging Association of Canada National Competition Award, and Les Global Sial D’or Award.

Upon graduating from Seneca, Angelo began his career at M Promotional Marketing where he designed point of purchase materials for such clients as Nestle and Coca Cola. From there, he moved to the Cundari Group where he worked on a variety of promotional projects for SmithKline Beecham Consumer Health Care.

Winston Stewart (LCD '92)

Winston Stewart

Winston is the founder of Wincon Security and Investigative Services, an award-winning security firm based in Markham. Wincon provides services in security consulting, private investigation, mobile patrol and digital surveillance systems.

In 1992, with the support of a Seneca professor, Winston began Wincon, with one client and a $10,000 loan from his mother. Today, he employs over 100 people and serves more than 35 companies in Canada and internationally. Winston is the recipient of the Harry Jerome Award and the Markham Business Excellence Award and represented Canada at the G20 Summit. He is a graduate of Seneca’s Law Enforcement program.

Suzanne Price (CES '92)

Suzanne Price

Suzanne is a co-ordinator with the School of Media and Marketing at our Seneca@York campus. Suzanne has done just about everything at Seneca. Along with her extensive career, she has also served as a faculty member, academic advisor, curriculum developer, program co-ordinator, professional development instructor and donor.

In 2007, Suzanne established the “Synergy Media Studios Award,” a bursary that provides financial assistance to graduates of Seneca’s Media and Communications Fundamentals program. As well, she serves as a mentor to students in many other Seneca programs.