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Class of 2004

David Flood (LAW '04)

David Flood

David is a constable with the York Regional Police Marine Unit. York Region hired David as a cadet during his fourth semester at the College. David’s connection to Seneca is multifaceted; along with his police foundations background, he achieved his commercial diver status through the Underwater Skills program and is continually engaged with the College through York Regional Police’s specialized course for divers, which is conducted at the King Campus. This year, David received an award for bravery from the York Region Police for his role in a daring ice water rescue of four individuals on Lake Simcoe. This award is given only once per year to a select number of officers.

Christa Wilkin (BADG '04)

Christa Wilkin

Dr. Christa Wilkin, CHRP (née Austin) is an Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management at York University. Formerly, she taught at California State University in the Los Angeles area. After graduating from Seneca College, she pursued a B. Comm. degree in Human Resources (Major) and Law (Minor) at Ryerson University, M.A. in Work and Society at McMaster University, and Ph.D. in Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources from McMaster University.

Her research is on employment relationships in the areas of non-standard relationships (e.g., temporary workers) and employee wellness. In addition to a number of book chapters, her work has appeared in leading journals and been presented at international conferences in South Africa, Germany, and Norway.

Christa has worked in human resources as a volunteer intern in Botswana, Africa and as an assistant at a non-profit organization. She has also worked in various managerial capacities in the health care and food service industries.

Karl Chang (AFT '04)

Karl Chang

Karl is a Captain for Porter Airlines. He joined Porter as a First Officer before upgrading to Captain. As Captain, Karl is responsible for the safety and operation of the aircraft and the passengers and crew on board. He prides himself on maintaining open communication with his flight crew, creating a safe and efficient work environment, which has lead Karl into the mentoring of new First Officers.

Previously, Karl was a First Officer for China’s first private airline Okay Airways, headquartered in Beijing, but operating from the Tianjin Binhai International Airport. Karl was among only a handful of foreign-trained pilots ever hired to fly in the country at the time. It’s a job secured by spending more than a year completing Chinese aviation qualifications and understanding the Chinese language. In addition to his First Officer role, Karl also provided English translation services for the airline.

Robert Wu (GBS '04)

Robert Wu

Robert is the General Manager for Jaan International Consulting Inc. a company which works in educational consulting for students. Sticking with the theme of working with students he was also a Senior High School teacher in Taiwan from 2008-2012.

Robert has entertained audiences as a 15-year host for Chinese radio and spent three years as a television host for CFMT, also known as Omni2. He also worked for three years as a Project Manager for MSQ realty Inc.

In his downtime, this versatile professional enjoys team sports, specifically the Toronto Maple Leafs and Blue Jays, and he plays softball during the summer months. Robert also loves music, movies and travelling.