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Class of 2006

Grace Batumbya (ECTC '06)

Grace Batumbya

Grace is passionate about anything to do with computers. He came to Canada from his native Uganda to enrol in Seneca’s Computer Engineering Technology program. After graduating with high honours, he worked for a few years in computer support and system administration roles. Thirsting for more, he returned to the college to pursue a Bachelor of Technology in Software Development. As a student researcher at the college’s Centre for Development of Open Technology, he is involved in developing open-source software in collaboration with industry partners and open source communities. He leads a team of student developers working with Toronto-based NextJ Systems Inc. on Open Health Tools.

Damilola Ojelade (MFD '06)

Damilola Ojelade

Dammie was born and raised in Nigeria. She moved to Toronto in 2002 and has called Canada home ever since. She is most commonly recognized for being a former glamour Model in Toronto with a stint in acting.

Damilola is very active in the community and started The United Sisters Lioness Club, a social support group for women of all races and professions that unites women and provides a loving, non-judgemental environment for women to connect and come together for a greater good. She also owns an online store for Luxury fashion and accessories.

Dammie is currently the Host and Associate Producer of a business profile a segment that will be airing on Planet Africa Television. For more information, please visit the official website

Subhashish Banerjee (IBS '06)

Subhashish Banerjee

Subhashish has been working for Bank of Montreal for almost five years. He joined BMO as a Senior Quality Assurance Analyst in 2010 and after six months, he became the QA lead. Following another six months Subhashish became a Senior Business Analyst and served in that role for two years before receiving a promotion to Business Consultant.

Subhashish got married in February, 2015 and is waiting for his wife to arrive in Canada from India.

He thanks Seneca for teaching him many valuable skills, including professionalism, which allowed him to flourish at BMO.

Sean Cassidy (GCTC '06)

Sean Cassidy

Sean is Maintenance and Project Supervisor for Bouygues Energies & Services Canada. He is responsible for supervising skilled technical work in the maintenance, repair and upgrading of building systems components and related installations including the performance of a variety of complex maintenance and installation tasks and/or providing direction and training to a number of other staff. He oversees contractors, develops work plans, responds to emergency situations, adapts work methods to address problems, estimates and requisitions materials and prepares project budgets, records and reports.

Michael Stevens (CPAC '06)

Michael Stevens

Michael has worked for several companies in the web and app industries, including Genesys Communications in Mississauga & Gryphtech in Etobicoke. He has also worked in the gaming industry for the likes of Ganz Studios, Gameloft Toronto, Swappz Inc., Mark Animation, and Beeline Interactive, all based in Toronto, and Mingle Games in Prague. Michael also runs his own business providing outsourcing and personal games work in Unity3D.