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Class of 2009

Krysta Woo (BAS '09)

Krysta Woo

Krysta is a successful entrepreneur who has helped thousands of individuals improve their business results and enhance their profits. She graduated Seneca with honours and received first place in her school’s Entrepreneurship Challenge for Innovative Ideas and second place in an Ontario wide Strategic Marketing Competition.

Krysta also holds a first class honours diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition (CNP) and has completed courses in public speaking, psychology, financial management, and Canadian law.

She started her own online business, “Natural Health Connected,” an online health community and networking site that connects natural health providers with the people requiring their services.

Krysta is also the author of 7 Habits of Highly Profitable Practitioners: Powerful Tools for Business Abundance. Her book can be downloaded at

Her mission is to inspire and motivate practitioners to live up to their full potential in the smartest and most profitable way possible, while improving the lives of those they meet through their practice.

Amy Fugaccia (PND '09)

Amy Fugaccia

Amy had her dream wedding on the beach in Cuba with the love of her life, after graduation. She started her career as a Registered Practical Nurse at the Long Term Care Centre in Bradford Valley.

In mid-2011, Amy had a change of scenery, moving her expertise to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie as a Staff Nurse in the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit that provided personal care. This includes ensuring that patients have the correct dosage and type of medication; making rounds with doctors; and even meeting with families.

Amy has started a new role using her education and experiences to enrich students in the Personal Support Worker program at Georgian College, Barrie Campus as a Clinical Instructor.

Christine P. Greaves (RCT '09)

Christine Greaves

Christine attributes hard work and time spent on educational endeavors as the key to her success in the workplace and as a community leader. Her can-do attitude and positive career outlook has allowed her to develop strong working relationships and recognition across Ontario. As a Receptionist Clerk graduate Christine has gained experience in managing offices, projects, composing contracts and maintained a high level of transferable skills.

Her employment history over the years has comprised of various Administration and Finance roles in high profile private/non-profit organizations; where communication, fast service, accuracy and competency were traits necessary to perform well, meet stakeholder objectives and surpass competitive goals. Roles filled include Executive Assistant, Data Analyst, Front Desk Manager, Clerk, Receptionist and KYC Officer.

Dirk Boon (IMP '09)

Dirk Boon

After graduating Seneca's Independent Music Production program, Dirk decided to go to University in Peterborough where he fell in love with anthropology and pursued a graduate degree. He is currently attending Carleton University, working on a research project involving the criminal justice system in Ontario. Dirk hopes to continue on to a PhD program, and would like to teach anthropology.

Laura Kucharchuk (DMA '09)

Laura Kucharchuk

Laura is a Public Relations and Publicity Manager at WE, a movement that brings people together and gives them the tools to change the world. At WE, Laura has the pleasure of managing the public relations team's publicity efforts for WE Day's national broadcast on ABC, has been able to tell the amazing stories of youth taking action around the world and been able to work with world renowned performers, artists and speakers. Her previous work experience includes working with Bell Media and The Regional Municipality of York.


Andrew Skujins (AIT '09)

Andrew Skujins

Serving tax professionals and advisors, Andrew works to accomplish every objective with a superior outcome. He brings extensive information technology, accounting, and tax expertise to his projects, and builds solutions that address the complex reporting and workflow needs of his clients.

Through detailed understanding, proven design abilities, a commitment to continuous improvement, and ruthless testing, his projects consistently exceed expectations. The results are superb quality and leading innovation, which save significant time and money for users.

He seeks to support progressive tax advisors that have an interest in achieving professional excellence and peak efficiency, by offering premier solutions to meet their specific challenges.

Stanley Kuepfer (CVTB ’09)

Stanley Kuepfer

Stanley is a Civil Engineering Technologist in the province of Ontario with ties in the networking and franchising industries.

His experience and expertise include Contract Administration, Quality Assurance Inspections, Civil/Municipal Design Analysis and CADD for the public and private sectors within Ontario and Alberta.

In addition, Stanley shows business and residential clients how to reduce overhead on their energy and telecommunication services and redirect expenses back into their company as revenue in 24 countries worldwide.

Harsh Bhatt (ECT '09)

Harsh Bhatt

Harsh has been working as a Technology Consulting Analyst with Accenture in Toronto since 2014. His positive attitude and ability to quickly become familiar with different technologies and work environments has helped him succeed in the fast-paced IT consulting industry. His role includes a mixture of designing and implementing IT solutions and frequent interaction with clients.

Harsh enjoys networking, staying current with the latest technologies and broadening his skill set by completing certification courses. His goal is to utilize and develop technology to make people’s daily lives easier. Harsh also holds a B.ENG in Computer Engineering from Ryerson University and is an EIT (Engineer in Training) member of Professional Engineers Ontario.

Neil Cory (FPTC '09)

Neil Cory

Since graduating from Seneca, Neil started working as a designer for Vipond Fire protection in Ottawa. He then worked his way up to become an estimator in a design management position after just four years. He has since been hired as a professional firefighter with the city of Ottawa and he continues to work part time with Vipond helping to manage the engineering department. Neil is now married and he and his wife have a young son.