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Class of 2014

Roman Yevseyev (SCM '14)

Roman Yevseyev

In addition to his Seneca education, Roman holds a BA Hons Degree from Oxford Brookes University, UK and also studied at the Beijing Language and Culture University. He found Seneca’s Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management program to be quite demanding and challenging. It reminded him of the four years he spent as a key account manager in a military related industry, dealing with tight deadlines, supply chain issues and sleepless nights.

Seneca's professors managed to take it to a whole new level. The course was a great addition to any grey areas of Roman’s knowledge and provided hands on experience on the supply chain world in Canada, specifically SAP training. He also learned a number of new techniques and t-codes.

Roman currently works at the Maple Leaf Foods home office as a supply specialist for indirect purchasing, part of the corporate sourcing team.

David Moskowitz (LAW '14)

David Moskowitz

David is now married, living and working in Toronto as a special constable with TTC, a career he began in June, 2014. The skills he gained at Seneca became the backbone to his knowledge of law enforcement, notebook and report writing, and general investigation techniques.

Previously, David held a position with the City of Toronto as a provincial offences officer enforcing business licensing bylaws. He thanks Seneca for making the college experience practical and providing the necessary tools to succeed.


Lorraine Chadwick (EMTC '14)

Lorraine Chadwick

Lorraine was Valedictorian for her 2014 graduating class. She is currently employed with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) in the Survey/Drafting department of Restoration Services. She also worked at TRCA during her second co-op work term and returned after graduation.


Rebecca Rice (VTE '14)

Rebecca Rice

After completing her studies at Seneca, Rebecca began working at the Toronto Zoo as a Zookeeper in the Discovery Zone and Outreach department. Her role involved looking after the animals in her area and providing enrichment. She would also take her animals around the zoo grounds and educate visitors about wildlife while giving them an opportunity to see the animals up close. She was working her dream job that summer and became extremely fond of the European Reindeer, her favourite animal to work with.

She now works for a conservation organization called Earth Rangers as an animal trainer and presenter. Her team's job is to give presentations to over 600 schools across Canada to teach children about animals and conservation.

Rebecca’s goal is to learn more about training the animals at her facility, while continuing her travels throughout Canada. She’s able to fulfill her passion, and make a difference in our world at the same time.

Diogo Monteiro (BSD '14)

Diogo Monteiro

Diogo was the President Honours Award speaker for the class of 2014. While studying at Seneca he had the opportunity to work at the Seneca@York Centre for Development of Open Technologies in Partnership with Cloud Dynamics, a Toronto Software Defined Infrastructure company, researching cloud technologies. After graduating, Diogo went to work full time with Cloud Dynamics as a Software Engineer.

Diogo attributes his success to the excellent professors he had at Seneca, where he learned topics ranging from GPU Parallel Programming, OpenSource Development to Malware Analysis.

Vinesh Parekh (SCM '14)

Vinesh Parekh

Vinesh came to Canada as an international student in the Fall of 2012. Seneca helped him gain exceptional accounting skills and improved his communication skills immensely. He is now confident and fearless when it comes to giving presentations thanks to the repetition he experienced in class.

Vinesh is appreciative of the support he received from Seneca professors and the Career Services Centre. Thanks in large part to the assistance he got writing resumes and cover letters, Vinesh earned a job with a nonprofit organization, Fairview Community Health. In this role, Vinesh gave presentations to different communities on how to manage money and make better investments. He found great joy in helping others come out of finance struggles.

Vinesh is currently employed at JLL, a Toronto a real estate company as a Purchasing Assistant, working as an integral part of the finance team. He is also pursuing his CPA designation.

Ehtesham Ul Haq Sheikh (CTY '14)

Ehtesham Ul Haq Sheikh

To complement his Seneca education, Ehtesham holds a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Sindh and a Diploma in Computer Science from the Government College of Technology, where he also received a Certificate of Appreciation award in Computer Technology. Both schools are in his native country of Pakistan.

Ehtesham came to Canada in 2009 and became a proud Canadian citizen in 2013. He found Seneca to be an amazing experience and thanks his professors for the skills they provided him with.

Ehtesham speaks English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi and is passionate about Information Technology. He works at Able IT Solutions Inc. as an IT Project Coordinator. His employment history comprises of various Project Management, Business Administration and Finance roles in high profile private and non-profit sector organizations. He also has numerous certifications and technical skills and is a member of the Project Management Institute, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and Hyderabad Gymkhana.

Manpreet Walia (HRM '14)

Manpreet Walia

Manpreet found Seneca to be a wonderful place to study and learn. After graduating, she started looking for a career in the human resources industry. Following several applications she received a position as Restaurant Supervisor for an A&W in Revelstoke, British Columbia.

After some time on the job proving her capabilities, Manpreet was assigned additional responsibilities, adding to her portfolio. She received administration responsibilities for the store’s social media accounts and was put in charge of inventory for the entire store, which she is learning is a fun job.

Manpreet’s learning curve is moving forward in a great way and she’s enjoying every minute. She feels proud to be a graduate of Seneca – or as she refers to it, “a temple of education” – and finds that every lesson she learned she is able to apply professionally.

Jay Dave (DMA '14)

Jay Dave

Jay is a skilled graphic designer with over five years of professional experience. He was always passionate about graphic and UI/UX design, teaching himself the basics and landing a volunteer opportunity at a print studio before starting at Seneca. He graduated with honours.

While studying, Jay decided to build his own network and established a freelance firm 'AnadiStream Design Services' in 2012. He was a small business owner at the age of 20. Seneca helped Jay expand his skills in multimedia, graphic design, web design, video and print production.

Upon graduating, Jay’s portfolio included TV commercials from names like Wild Wings, The UPS Store, St. Louis Wings, plus several fully completed websites and printing designs for business cards, brochures and flyers for various professionals. Jay currently works as a UI/UX & Graphic Designer at KEV Group.

Jay is a proud Seneca grad and thanks all his professors and classmates for their support.

Alona San Gabriel (APP '14)

Alona San Gabriel

Alona had a great experience as a student at Seneca. She decided to take a full-time position as Facilities Coordinator with the Facilities Management department at Seneca after graduation. Her main job is to track and report all financial aspects of the capital projects going on for each Seneca campus. She has found her new role to be a great learning experience and she feels very lucky to be working with a great team and organization.

Barb Rebelo (EXS '14)

Barb Rebelo

Barb studied at Seneca from 2000-2002 in the Social Service Worker - Gerontology program. She went on to have a career in health care for almost 12 years, becoming a Recreation Manager and later, Community Life Coordinator.

She returned to Seneca and in 2014 and graduated with honours from the Office Administration - Executive program. A few weeks after graduating, Barb landed a job as an Administrative Assistant/Office Manager at Destaron Property Management Ltd. Seneca prepared her for this opportunity and gave her the tools necessary to be successful.

Barb and her husband, Tony, have travelled to Hungary, Portugal, and Spain to name a few destinations. Next on the list is Machu Picchu. Together they have done numerous adventurous activities including a zodiac boat ride to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to be alongside hundreds of dolphins. Barb and Tony also support numerous animal charities worldwide.

Natalija Franceva (EMP '14)

Natalija Franceva

After completing her program at Seneca and a year of working at the Law Society of Upper Canada, Natalija and her husband decided to travel. After a two month road trip across the country, living out of their car and in a tent, they decided to settle on the island in Victoria, BC.




Mohammed Ishaque (IAF '14)

Mohammed lives in Toronto with his wife, daughter and son. He graduated from the International Accounting and Finance degree program in August 2014 and achieved his CPA and CGA designation in November 2014. He is currently pursuing an ideal role in Tax and Accounting consulting services.

Narinder Singh (APP '14)

Narinder Singh

Narinder came to Canada as an international student and is now a foreign worker. The journey has never been easy, but Narinder found a home away from home at Seneca. His journey started at Seneca in 2012 when he took his first program (Pre-Business).

After graduating with honours, he enrolled in the Accounting and Payroll Diploma program and graduated again with honours, and earned his PCP designation. As a student, finances had always been a big concern. Seneca awarded Narinder with an International Student Bursary to provide financial assistance and relief.

Narinder earned a great opportunity as an Assistant Accountant in June of 2014 and has since moved to an Accounting Technician position for Altman and Sugar Professional Corporation in Concord, Ontario. He thanks Seneca for supporting him through the entire process which ultimately landed him a job in his selected field.

Romika Leslie (MFD '14)

Romika Leslie

Since graduating from Pre-Media at Seneca, Romika has enrolled in the College’s Radio Broadcasting program. It is something she always wanted to do and she’s happy to finally be living out her dream. She has already completed an internship with SiriusXM going into her third semester. Romika feels that the learning component is easy and she’s gaining so much knowledge because she’s following her passion and having a blast doing it.