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Class of 2015

Shermineh Shams (ECE '15)

Shermineh Shams

Shermineh received a Bachelor’s in English Literature prior to studying in Seneca’s Early Childhood Education program. She is working part-time at a public school seeking full-time employment with the TDSB and has her sights set on an MA in teacher's college.

As a Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE) and Child Development Researcher (CDR), Shermineh strives to ensure a safe and caring educational environment for young learners. She is also researching on the techniques and strategies that have the most educational impact on children in the teaching system.

Shermineh sees herself as a successful educator for others but also carries with her a drive and passion for continued personal success and development.

Shila Abdul Maruf (ECE '15)

Shila Abdul Maruf

Shila made unforgettable memories at Seneca, calling her decision to attend the College the best she ever made. She started as a part time student then transferred to full time to studies in Seneca’s Early Childhood Education program. When she was around nine years old, Shila wanted to become a teacher and Seneca made her dream come true.

During her time at Seneca, Shila was a very active student, joining many clubs such as the student refugee program and the Muslim students Association. She received great recognition for her efforts including a letter from President David Agnew.

Shila was also a student ambassador, welcoming new students to Seneca and introducing them to the great experience that is Seneca College. She worked part time in Newnham campus student services, Seneca@York student services and the Newnham campus recruitment office. Shila also spent much of her spare time volunteering at various events through the Seneca Student Federation.

Seneca pushed Shila to develop herself academically, professionally, personally and socially. She works at Child Ventures Early Learning Centre as a proud RECE, and is planning a return to Seneca, this time in the Flight Services program.

Mehran Azarbad (DMA '15)

Mehran Azarbad

Mehran is a Graphic designer, UI designer, and media Artist. His areas of expertise are digital design, User Interface design, advertisement, corporate identity, typography, publication design and other core design fundamentals. These skills are supported by a vast knowledge of photography, storyboarding, videography, video editing, and 3D design.

Mehran is extremely proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign and is well versed in Dreamweaver, Flash, Acrobat, Premier, Aftereffects, 3DsMax, Balsamiq, Axure, and HTML and CSS. Mehran has excellent knowledge of MS Powerpoint, Word, Excel, Windows environment and Mac OS.He recently joined IBM Canada as a Senior Graphic Designer.

Alice Huang (CCM '15)

Alice Huang

Alice completed her undergraduate career at the University of Toronto with a HBA in International Studies and later, went on to earn her postgraduate certificate in Corporate Communications from Seneca College. She's currently the co-owner and manager of the bicycle retail store, Summit Cycle. In her spare time, Alice enjoys travelling, blogging, photography and photo-editing.



Thuvaraga Selvarajan (ECE '15)

Thuvaraga Selvarajan

Thuvaraga is working as an RECE staff at a child care centre. She is proud to have graduated from Seneca because of the hands on learning component which provided her the opportunity to find work in her field of choice. Thuvaraga loves to interact with children and is enthusiastic about making a difference in young lives daily. She believes that attending Seneca was a life changing experience and feels that future Seneca students are on the right path for success.