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Past Bursary Recipients

70 Pay It Forward bursaries help 70 students succeed

The first ever Seneca Alumni Pay It Forward Challenge in 2016 was a tremendous success! Thanks to your generosity, 70 students received a $500 Alumni Pay It Forward bursary.

Learn more about what your support means to them:

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“I am currently working as an on-call supply Early Childhood Assistant and this bursary will definitely help me cover almost half of my tuition fee this coming summer class. Thank you!”

Melanie Palapal, Early Childhood Education

"I've struggled financially to pay for school, and school resources like textbooks, for instance. However, I look towards bursaries because they help me tremendously with costly expenses. Thank you, Seneca!"

Maryaam Lewis-Herbert, Business Administration — Marketing

"My mom is a single mother who is paying for my school fees all alone. Therefore, financial aid has really benefitted us a lot since it has helped in paying for my education."

Hanaan Abdulmalik, Nursing

"Receiving financial aid has allowed me to focus on my studies and afford the books and materials I need to successfully complete my program. It has given me the chance to go to college without relying on anyone. Thank you for giving me the confidence to successfully complete my education."

Farzan Muhammed, Practical Nursing

"Without the support of financial aid, I do not believe I would be able to attend college. Financial aid has allowed me to purchase additional educational resources that enrich my learning experiences. Because of the financial support, I can focus on school full-time without the disruption of a part-time job."

Alejandra Crich, Bachelor Child Development

"The financial aid I received has impacted me a lot in that, it had relieved me for providing too much time for part time work than to my studies. I am now able to allocate more hours to studies and perform well. Thank you!"

Delali Yokor, Financial Services Compliance Administration

"I would like to thank you for your generous Alumni Pay It Forward Bursary. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community. I am very lucky and blessed to be here, and hopefully I will be successful."

Michel Ndongmo, International Accounting and Finance

"Receiving the Pay It Forward Bursary doesn't only benefit me but my family also. Having a family of my own and being a student can become straining especially with finances. I am truly grateful for this bursary, it couldn't come at a better time."

Angelica Rojas, Child and Youth Care

"An enormous heartfelt thank you! This is very inspirational, I will participate in this program myself upon graduation. I know first-hand how important this bursary is and how much impact it has on many students’ life."

Aliona Kaminer, Law Clerk

"Dream come true! I am filmmaker with a lot of fresh ideas in my mind. This Bursary pushing me forward to making films and videos. It's all about my passion and I see this award as energy and power. Thank you all people from Seneca College for supporting and motivating us to build our dreams and careers. It is so unique to experience and learn in this atmosphere."

Hossein Ezzatkhah, Interactive Media Design

"The Bursary I received allowed me to purchase and study the latest software and now I feel more prepared for the future. Thank you!"

Cat Yang, Game Art and Animation


"Thank you to all the donors, I am glad that there are supportive people out there who understand those who are in financial circumstances. Your support provides students such as myself, with access to valuable funds and to continue to be involved with and help out the community."

Vivian Tai, Therapeutic Recreation

"Thank you for choosing me. I am so glad to receive this honor. Seneca is my starting point to pursue a career as a professional accountant. I am closer to this goal thanks to your generous help."

Zhong Yin Wu, Accounting and Finance

"Unfortunately, last spring I got into a motor vehicle accident and haven’t been able to work as a server. Due to this, finances have been really stressful. Thanks to the Pay It Forward Bursary, I’ve been able to focus on my studies, field placement and job hunting. Thank you Seneca alumni!"

Stephanie Bigras, Visual Merchandising Arts

"I am a student in my sixth semester completing my Degree in Child Development. This summer, I am completing my 14-week summer co-op.  The Alumni Pay It Forward Bursary has covered the cost of my course fee and has taken that weight off my shoulders just in time for the stressful final weeks of school! Thank you!"

Olivia Donato, Child Development

"As an ECE student, we are required to spend using our own money to create learning experiences for our students at placement. Financial Aid has helped me obtain materials that would benefit the children's learning through open-ended experiences."

Jaselle Mallari Echevarri, Early Childhood Education