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Past Bursary Recipients

75 Pay It Forward bursaries help 75 students succeed

Seneca’s Alumni Pay It Forward Challenge in 2017 was a tremendous success! Thanks to your generosity, 75 students received a $500 Alumni Pay It Forward bursary.

Learn more about what your support means to some of them:

“No words can describe how thankful I am. Receiving financial aid has definitely helped me pursue my educational dreams and goals. With fourth year and graduation slowly sneaking up on me, the anxiety of paying back school debt scares me. But because, of financial aid and this Pay It Forward bursary, it’s like some weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Thank you to all the Seneca grads who have donated. Without you all, this blessing wouldn’t have come my way, and my heart is full of gratitude and thanks.”

Christia-Ann Miole, Therapeutic Recreation

“I am more grateful than I am able to explain to anyone. Postsecondary education would not be happening for me without financial aid. I am a student with multiple sclerosis, and without the financial support I would not have been able to take part in the competitions I entered this year. I was so proud to represent Seneca in the ReMix Fur Competition, and the Cashmere Collection, where the proceeds went to support breast cancer. I come from a low-income family, and the generosity of Seneca and its staff has brought me to tears of joy and happiness on many occasions. I am extremely grateful for the generosity and kindness. Thank you for choosing me for this award.”

Lacey Levair, Fashion Arts

“Receiving financial aid through bursaries has been critical for completing my degree at Seneca. Having the added financial support has enabled me to have better grades and a school-life balance, better mental health and ability to focus on my academics, and overall created a more pleasurable learning environment.”

Alicia Heaver, Social Service Worker — Gerontology

“The Pay It Forward bursary helped me immensely during this school term. My family is a low-income family and this bursary helped me pay for some of my living expenses. I am extremely grateful for being selected to receive this bursary.” 

Jude Boaz, Software Development

“I was honoured to receive this award and so grateful for the opportunities it will provide me. I rely on financial aid, student loans to help finance my education and by receiving this award, it will reduce my financial burden and help with my living expenses. I can focus more on achieving my diploma and not worry so much about my finances. Thank you for supporting Seneca students.”

Charmaine Mitchell, Social Service Worker — Gerontology

“You kindly donated $500 to the Alumni Pay It Forward bursary, which greatly helps and supports my study! I am so lucky, excited and grateful for that. Please accept my sincere appreciation and gratitude. Your financial support definitely provides me with more confidence and makes my life easier. May happiness always be with you on the great journey of life!”

Pingli Duan, Fitness and Health Promotion

“Although I have a part-time job and always try to save money, constantly being on a tight budget is not easy. It is stressful when I have to make sure that I maintain good grades while also worry that working more will affect my learning in school. The financial support that I received are a great help because I can then focus more on school and worry less about money. Thank you to all the donors. Your support provides students such as myself to continue to work hard in and outside of school.”

Vivian Tai, Therapeutic Recreation

“Being able to receive financial aid in the form of bursaries has benefitted me in a number of ways during my college career. It has especially helped me save for school fees and deposits that always seem to pop up out of nowhere in the midst of our busy student lives!”

Olivia Donato, Child Development

“Thanks so much for the award. This award will definitely make the rest of the semester easier in terms of paying for transportation and lunches during the exam preparation weeks. I really appreciate the gift.”

Aminat Ayilara, Nursing

“Being fortunate enough to receive the Pay It Forward award has helped a lot. It allowed me to focus less on a financial crisis and more on my studies. I am truly thankful for the chance to receive this award and wish to pay it forward once I can!”

Harley Sims, Computer Programming and Analysis

“As a graduating student preparing to dive into the competitive ocean of employment opportunities, I am striving to upgrade my skills by obtaining certifications from accredited powerhouses like Google and HubSpot. Thanks to the Alumni Pay It Forward bursary, I am now less financially constrained to develop my skills, which in the long run, will help me stand out from the crowd to my dream employer and hence, keep Seneca proud of its successful alumni.”

Ekaterina Grinkina, Business Administration — Marketing

“I can’t express the moment of happiness by words when I got this financial aid. I am thankful to all my friends who helped me. God bless you and have a bright future.”

Aman Kumar, Fire Protection Engineering Technician

“Receiving the Pay It Forward bursary has helped ease the pressure of student life. It allowed me to focus on my studies and projects instead of worrying about paying for transportation or supplies. It’s amazing how much pressure is relieved when a bursary like this is received. Thank you, Seneca alumni!”

Natalie Chenard, Animation

“I really appreciated that I can be one of the recipients of the bursary. As an international student, it costs me lots of money to pay tuition and living expenses. The bursary is helpful to cover those expenses. I would like to thank you again all the people who support for the bursary.”   

Jiyoung Lee, Early Childhood Education

“This award means a lot to me. Thanks to this bursary, I can buy new textbooks and nursing kits for practice lab in the upcoming semester.”

Thi Thanh Tuyen Pham, Nursing


“Receiving a bursary has helped me to focus more on my studies and not worry too much about my expenses. Thank you to all the donors that made this possible!”

Itzel Venegas Rosales, Civil Engineering Technician

“Thank you, alumni, for your very kind gift. Your generosity will make a difference in my life. I really appreciate it!”

Shulammite Ukandu, Practical Nursing