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Become a Mentor to Future Healthcare Professionals


The Honours Bachelor of Healthcare Management (BHM) is a new and innovative interdisciplinary degree focused on leadership development, experiential learning, and integrative thinking skills critical to the management of complex health systems.

The School of Health Sciences is seeking alumni in healthcare and leadership roles interested in mentoring current BHM students. By becoming a mentor, alumni can share valuable industry experience, encourage professional development, and invest in the students' success and future advancement. This opportunity allows both mentors and students to continue to uphold and deliver on the values of the Canadian Health system.

What is involved?

  • Mentors will be matched to a triad of 3 students
  • Mentorship is offered to you in annual time frames.
  • Mentors will attend approximately four one hour meetings online/teleconference/other) during the academic year
  • Mentors will support their students by focusing in on their leadership development and/or other topics as negotiated with the triad. The LEADS framework is a key resource and information on it will be supplied to mentors.

If you are interested in mentoring, please contact the BHM Program Coordinator, Tracey McCutcheon

Learn more about the program.