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Seneca Alumni Pay It Forward Challenge

Choices for giving

You can make your Pay It Forward donation to any of the following areas:

Areas of Greatest Need

Donations are used to help students with urgent needs who cannot afford necessities, such as rent, transportation, books, and supplies. Funds are also used to build bursaries and scholarships and improve Seneca's learning environment to strengthen the student experience.

Student Experience

Donations are used to support the enhancement of the Seneca student experience. This covers costs related to conferences, workshops, field trips, industry networking events, membership to professional organizations, and additional learning opportunities.

Student Financial Aid

Donations are used to fund financial awards to students in the form of scholarships and bursaries. These can be awarded on the basis of financial need or high academic performance.

Feed to Succeed Student Fund

Donations are used to provide specific items for students such as food items, hot drinks and healthy snacks during stressful exam and study times.

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