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Alumni/Student Stories

Here’s why I give. How your Pay-it-Forward gift will help

Mike Leon

Broadcasting – Radio and TV, 2000

Like you, I’m a proud alumnus. I’m also a donor and I’m hoping you will join me and make a gift today.

When I was a student, studying at Seneca, my dad was my biggest supporter. He was a huge advocate for higher education. Unfortunately, he never got the opportunity to pursue education himself. I think, perhaps, that made him even more passionate about it.

Mike Leon and Kim Ng

He played a huge role in instilling that passion in me. I brought it with me when I came to Seneca and I keep it with me to this day.

I wanted students studying at Seneca right now to know that someone cares about their education and wants to help — just like I always knew my dad was doing for me.

So, I set up the Sid Leon Brand Heroes Career Creator Award, a student financial aid award I fund in honour of my dad, who tragically passed away from a heart attack at the age of 67.

This year, the award was presented to Kim Ng, a student at Seneca, finishing a three-year diploma in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship.
Kim is working on the launch of a start-up mobile app. She’s hard-working, dedicated and passionate. I have no doubt she’s going to be a great success. It’s truly a pleasure to help her and other Seneca students.

Seneca changed my life. It’s changing Kim’s and I’m sure it changed yours too. I know what a Seneca education can do so I chose to make a donation to support students following in our footsteps. I want to make sure that as many young people as possible get the chance of a Seneca experience.

Will you join me and make a donation today? One hundred per cent of your gift will go towards ensuring all students at Seneca have access to financial aid, and will be counted towards the Pay-It-Forward Challenge, ensuring Seneca receives an additional $25,000.

Anything you can give will impact the life of a Seneca student. And you’ll get us closer to providing 50 bursaries of $500 to students in need.

Thank you!


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