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1972 Seneca Braves

1972 Seneca Braves

On January 18, 2014, over 30 Seneca Alumni gathered at Seneca’s Newnham campus in celebration of the 1972 champion Seneca Braves football team. President David Agnew and Director of Sports, Linda Stapelton were in attendance to speak, honour and recognize the accomplishment of the team members by providing them with championship rings over four decades after their great achievement. It was an occasion for reminiscing and revisiting times of triumph, and a proud moment for Seneca.

At the time of their victorious season, rings were only being provided to teams sanctioned by the Ontario College Athletic Association (OCAA), which the team was not. This special reunion presented the opportunity to give the players something they deserved and had worked so hard for.

It was one team member, Hugh Laird, who put in the request for the Alumni office to find his teammates to help make this day possible. But with very little data from that era, it was another team member, Dave Smith, a former Seneca employee, who proceeded on his own to identify and locate 33 of the 42 players.

During the event, a few of the players had the opportunity to speak about the past. They joked, they laughed, and they were all in good spirits as if the ring ceremony was happening just days after their championship victory. They were also honoured with a championship banner that will be displayed alongside others as part of Seneca’s great history. It was inspiring to see a group of individuals, now with families, careers and new addresses to come back together after so long and cherish the company of one another.

The day concluded with a tour of the sports facility these athletes used to call home and a team photo reenacting an image from their playing days. It was a reminder of the type of bonds and friendships that can be created through participation in sports. And it paid tribute to the lasting impression left on these men from their time at Seneca College.