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Zack Teperman

Ambassador of International (Public) Relations

Zack Teperman is the ideal public relations man. He’s charismatic, well spoken and radiates energy like a mini super nova—especially when he’s talking about his company, Zack Teperman Public Relations (ZTPR).

Headquartered in Los Angeles, ZTPR provides various PR services to performers, entrepreneurs and athletes looking to build their brands and their exposure—on both sides of the border. This is by design. As a transplanted Canadian, Zack has connections in Canadian and American markets that can be put to good use for his clients.

“Right now, I have staff in L.A., Nashville, Miami, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal,” says Zack. “The biggest thing in PR is your contacts. With great contacts, you can do anything.”

A Broadcast – Radio and Television grad, Zack’s first love was radio. His high school, Vaughan Secondary, had a radio station, where he got his start. After Seneca, he gained valuable experience in Toronto, Miami and Yellowknife. Up north, Zack also started a celebrity blog, called “Zack Taylor” (dubbed “the Canadian version of Perez Hilton”), a project that broadened his understanding of celebrity culture and the critical role of PR.

A three-month contract with Lexicon PR, turned into four years as operations manager and head consultant. When the owner was looking to sell, Zack bought him out, and ZTPR was born. It is his proudest accomplishment and biggest obsession.

“It’s my life,” says Zack. “Even when I am on vacation, I have to be on my game. Once when I took time off, one of my clients got arrested. I had to deal with that, immediately.”

Zack’s energy doesn’t come from caffeine or energy drinks (he avoids both), but from an undeniable passion for communication and people. He’s always connected, pounding out emails at 3 am and prepping the next day’s agenda. With a client list as diverse as Guns N’ Roses, Richard Greco, a floating beer pong company, and the designer of Katy Perry’s Super Bowl shark, he knows how powerful the right (or wrong) PR can be.

“I can send one email and change a client’s company forever,” he says. “It’s incredible how a well-placed article can turn someone into a millionaire.”

Zack knows he cannot keep this manic pace forever. He’s always looking for young, talented college graduates who have the same, what he calls, “go go” attitude he has.

Things will change one day, I know it,” Zack says. “That’s why it is so important that I train the right people.”