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Colin D'Mello

City Anchor with a Global Perspective

One of Colin D’Mello’s first childhood memories was of Iraqi troops marching past his family’s home in Kuwait.

Colin was four, living with his father and brother. It was 1990 and the first Gulf War was about to begin. Colin’s mother had already made her way to Mumbai, and the family was looking to join her there. But they had not been in touch with her for weeks. After a trip through the desert to Jordan they were finally reunited.

“My mom was standing on the balcony at my aunt’s house looking down at us,” says Colin. “And she just started crying. I’ll never forget that.”

Eight years later, Colin and his family came to Canada. Adjusting to a new culture and climate was difficult, and it took him a while to feel as though he fit in.

At the same time, he learned to observe and identify the nuances of Canadian culture – skills that he uses today as an award-winning journalist and weekend Anchor for CTV News at Six.

“When you’re a reporter, you’re always the outsider looking in,” says Colin. “I’ve always felt like that. It helps to tell the story.”

When Colin graduated from high school, he already had a passion for broadcasting, but wasn’t sure where it would take him. He took a semester off, working as a cook at the Toronto Zoo, before enrolling in Seneca’s Journalism – Broadcast program.

“When I got to Seneca, everything immediately clicked,” says Colin. “We had the right people guiding us and I had a clear focus on where I wanted to go.”

At the tender age of 19, Colin got his first break. Thanks to a great demo tape that he put together with former Seneca professor Kym Geddes, he was offered a news radio job in Moncton, New Brunswick. Colin jumped at the opportunity, and within a week packed up his entire life and prepared to live on his own for the first time.

“It was a first for everything,” says Colin. “But it wasn’t that difficult. I was not moving away from something. I was moving towards something.”

Since his early days in Moncton, Colin’s career has skyrocketed. He helped launch an all-news radio station in Ottawa and then returned to Toronto to work at 680News. Now as one of the most recognizable faces on Toronto television, the self-described “outsider” from Kuwait has found his place in the world.

“Toronto is my home,” says Colin. “I live and breathe this city.”

Follow Colin’s reports @ColinDMello.

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