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Magda Rewkowski

Flight Services grad builds career as an instructor

When Magda Rewkowski joined the team at Porter Airlines, she was starting her last semester of Seneca’s Tourism and Travel-Flight Services program. One of her professors told her that the start-up airline was hiring, so she decided to send in her resume and get a head start on job applications.

Magda was hired as a customer service representative in January 2007, when Porter only flew to Ottawa and Montréal. Today, the airline serves over 20 destinations.

As the company was growing, Magda was gaining plenty of experience in customer service. In her current role as Supervisor of Customer Service Training, she helps to develop company policy and procedures, trains customer service representatives in Toronto and facilitates workshops for new employees in many cities. There is no typical day at the office for Magda, and she sometimes finds herself in the terminal at Billy Bishop Island Airport lending a hand when things get busy.

“My favourite part about my job is the people. I have a lot of respect for those I work with,” says Magda. “The customer service representatives work very hard and have to know a lot of information to provide excellent service.”

Earlier this year, Porter announced seasonal service to Charleston, South Carolina. The airline sent Magda there to train the new customer service team on everything there is to know about Porter.  

“Charleston is my favourite destination for work. Southern hospitality is a real thing!” says Magda. “And it’s always great seeing the progress, from when new employees know nothing about Porter to successfully operating their first Porter flights.”

Magda returned to Seneca last year for the Flight Services pinning ceremony, where she helped bestow “Seneca wings” on new graduates. Being in the Markham Campus cafeteria brought back many memories, like the countless group study sessions with her friends to prepare for geography exams, and the presentations for the sales and marketing course that she says have prepared her most for her career.

 “We would be videotaped during our presentations in class. Our homework would be to watch the video, pick out our flaws and where we can improve, then try to fix them for the next presentation,” says Magda. “It was very uncomfortable to watch, but looking back, it helped get me to where I am today.”