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Alumni Leadership Lunch

Alumni Leadership Lunch Series

Featuring: Geoffrey Dawe, Mayor of Aurora

On January 13, 2014, Seneca Alumni presented its third installment of the Leadership Lunch Series – allowing Seneca students to engage in meaningful discussion with successful Seneca Alumni and leading industry professionals.

Students from the Public Administration Graduate Certificate and Public Administration – Municipal Diploma programs, had the opportunity to meet and gain first-hand knowledge from Geoff Dawe, Mayor of Aurora and Alumnus from the 1973 class of Electronic Technology.

With over 25 years of proven business experience, community involvement and leadership, he became mayor in December 2010 and has earned the praise of peers, colleagues, and residents of Aurora.

During the event, the mayor spoke on several topics, including leadership, life at Seneca, the value of volunteering, networking and mentoring, and the importance of community engagement. “You get back more than you ever put in”, said Mayor Dawe in reference to volunteering.

He spoke about his accomplishments and the various challenges faced on his path to success, stating one of the biggest challenges is balancing the needs of different stakeholders in such a demanding, high profile position. As for being a leader, mentor or mentee, Mayor Dawe believes “one of the key requirements is having the ability and will to listen and make informed decisions regardless of what you do in life”.

It was a valuable and unique occasion for students to learn more about municipal government and the necessary steps to succeed in the classroom, the political sector or elsewhere after graduation.

And while each individual in attendance may have taken away something different from the day, the most memorable moment may have come when the mayor said, “winning builds confidence, but losing builds character”.  He went on to pose the question, “How do you want to be remembered?”

The Leadership Lunch served as a platform for future alumni to find inspiration and guidance from an influential Seneca graduate. Seneca is proud to contribute in any way possible to the process of its students and alumni achieving greatness.